testcases for UEFI
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We have no testcases for UEFI which caused a major fail in 17.10. Since KVM and VirtualBox both appear to support UEFI mode, there's no reason we should need hardware testing, which means that general required testcases will need to be added. Additionally, we'll need to ensure that they work with LVM and encryption. As these bugs also included issues with LVM, we should make sure that the test cases are up to date for LVM, too.

So here's our todo:

  • confirm UEFI works with virtual machines
  • write testcases for:
    • UEFI
    • UEFI + LVM
    • UEFI + encryption
    • UEFI + LVM + encryption
  • ensure testcases are up to date for:
    • LVM
    • encryption
    • LVM + encryption

{C1} …but T4: Fix the missing UEFI packages could push that up.

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