Ubuntu SSO for Phab
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Come on, it only makes sense, if we're going to have SSO at all.

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Supposedly the contact for Ubuntu One (login.ubuntu.com) is isd-support@canonical.com. Just dropped them an email.

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Here's the response:

Ubuntu SSO is an openid identity provider (see for example askubuntu.com where you can use Launchpad as your identity). If Phabricator supports openid, you could use that to integrate easily.

It unfortunately doesn't support LDAP, and only supports OAuth 1.

Feel free to bzr branch lp:canonical-identity-provider and check out docs/resources/token.txt for info on how to get oauth tokens. This is, for example, the authentication mechanism old versions of Ubuntu Software Center used. Be warned that oauth support might go away in the future though.

You can also file a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider/ to get it to the wider attention of SSO developers, because this address is mainly for login issues and as such, the visibility and help I can provide are limited.

I'll look more into this.

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Here's the Discourse plugin and it is indeed using OpenID.

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Unfortunately it looks like the request for OpenID auth was denied but I'll see if I can find some more information as that's a little old.

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Dropped a message on the Phabricator community support forum (which, in an example of poor dogfooding, is not Phabricator but Discourse). Hopefully someone will have some sort of solution.

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It is open source after all... You might be able to write a plugin for our instance and make it a Git submodule that you put on GitHub somewhere...

Would you be open to writing that code?