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Sep 1 2019, 3:43 AM
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To execute this test, a pre-existing Lubuntu installation is required, please report in comments what you release was pre-upgrade (it should be the prior release
For reference on upgrading Lubuntu - current manual page is
<em>Proceed in your native language if you wish. Instructions will remain in English.</em>
<dt>Install all updates available for your current Lubuntu release (`sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade` which should complete without errors). If upgrades are found, please reboot to ensure any kernel etc. updates are applied.</dt>
<dt>Navigate through menu to Settings -> Software.Updater. It should scan for upgrades and if a newer release is found, you'll be asked to Upgrade. If no release is found you can click Settings and ensure in the Updates tab, that "For any new version" is selected in the bottom new Ubuntu version option</dt>
<dt>If however you're testing a pre-release upgrade path it may not be found</dt>
<dt>Start upgrade with `sudo do-release-upgrade`. This should find the next release if it's been released, however a `-d` flag may be required if QA-testing prior to release.</dt>
<dt>If upgrade isn't found, you may need to change /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and re-try</dt>
<dt>Please allow upgrade to continue, if asked questions you may answer appropriately. Watch it upgrade, noting any errors</dt>
<dt>On completion, Reboot into your new system:</dt>
<li>Were any errors encountered during the upgrade?</li>
<li>Were any errors encountered after rebooting to new desktop?</li>
<li>Does your hardware still work properly?</li>
<li>Are you experiencing any application or background service crashes?</li>
<dt>Open a terminal and enter the command <code>grep Prompt= /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades</code></dt>
<dd>For a <em>normal to normal</em>upgrade, terminal will show Prompt=normal</dd>
<dd>For a <em>normal to LTS</em> upgrade, terminal will show Prompt=lts</dd>
<dd>For a <em>LTS to normal</em> upgrade, terminal will show Prompt=normal</dd>
<dd>For a <em>LTS to LTS</em> upgrade, terminal will show Prompt=lts</dd>
<dt>Open a terminal and enter the command <code>lsb_release -r</code></dt>
<dd>Terminal will show the upgraded version</dd>
<strong>If all actions produce the expected results, please <a href="results#add_result">submit</a> a 'passed' result.
If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please <a href="results#add_result">submit</a> a 'failed' result and <a href="../../buginstructions">file a bug</a>. Please be sure to include the bug number when you <a href="results#add_result">submit</a> your result.</strong>

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