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Authored by tsimonq2 on Jul 25 2019, 5:08 AM.
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<title><MM-Presentable-User> membership configuration for <MM-List-Name>
<BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff">
<TR><TD WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR="#99CCFF"><B>
<FONT COLOR="#000000" SIZE=+1>
<MM-List-Name> mailing list membership configuration for
<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5">
<b><MM-Presentable-User></b>'s subscription status,
password, and options for the <MM-List-Name> mailing list.
<td colspan="2">
<TR><TD WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR="#FFF0D0" colspan="2">
<FONT COLOR="#000000">
<B>Changing your <MM-List-Name> membership information</B>
<tr><td colspan="2">You can change the address that you are subscribed
to the mailing list with by entering the new address in the
fields below. Note that a confirmation email will be sent to
the new address, and the change must be confirmed before it is
<p>Confirmations time out after about <mm-pending-days>.
<p>You can also optionally set or change your real name
(i.e. <em>John Smith</em>).
<p>If you want to make the membership changes for all the
lists that you are subscribed to at <mm-host>, turn on the
<em>Change globally</em> check box.
<table border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" width="80%" cols="2">
<tr><td bgcolor="#dddddd"><div align="right">New address:</div></td>
<tr><td bgcolor="#dddddd"><div align="right">Again to
<table border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" width="80%" cols="2">
<tr><td bgcolor="#dddddd"><div align="right">Your name
<tr><td colspan="2"><center><mm-change-address-button>
<p><mm-global-change-of-address>Change globally</center></td>
<TR><TD WIDTH="50%" BGCOLOR="#FFF0D0"><FONT COLOR="#000000">
<B>Unsubscribing from <MM-List-Name></B></td>
<TD WIDTH="50%" BGCOLOR="#FFF0D0"><FONT COLOR="#000000">
<B>Your other <MM-Host> subscriptions</B>
Turn on the confirmation checkbox and hit this button to
unsubscribe from this mailing list. <strong>Warning:</strong>
This action will be taken immediately!
You can view a list of all the other mailing lists at
<mm-host> for which you are a member. Use this if you want to
make the same membership option changes to this other
<B>Your <MM-List-Name> Password</B>
<tr valign="TOP"><td WIDTH="50%">
<a name=reminder>
<h3>Forgotten Your Password?</h3>
Click this button to have your password emailed to your
membership address.
<td WIDTH="50%">
<a name=changepw>
<h3>Change Your Password</h3>
<TR><TD BGCOLOR="#dddddd"><div align="right">New
<TD BGCOLOR="#dddddd"><div align="right">Again to
<p><center><mm-global-pw-changes-button>Change globally.
<TR><TD WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR="#FFF0D0"><FONT COLOR="#000000">
<B>Your <MM-List-Name> Subscription Options</B>
<i><strong>Current values are checked.</strong></i>
<p>Note that some of the options have a <em>Set globally</em>
checkbox. Checking this field will cause the changes to be made to
every mailing list that you are a member of on <mm-host>. Click on
<em>List my other subscriptions</em> above to see which other mailing
lists you are subscribed to.
<tr><TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc">
<a name="disable">
<strong>Mail delivery</strong></a><p>
Set this option to <em>Enabled</em> to receive messages posted
to this mailing list. Set it to <em>Disabled</em> if you want
to stay subscribed, but don't want mail delivered to you for a
while (e.g. you're going on vacation). If you disable mail
delivery, don't forget to re-enable it when you come back; it
will not be automatically re-enabled.
</td><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<mm-global-deliver-button><i>Set globally</i>
<tr><TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc">
<strong>Set Digest Mode</strong><p>
If you turn digest mode on, you'll get posts bundled together
(usually one per day but possibly more on busy lists), instead
of singly when they're sent. If digest mode is changed from
on to off, you may receive one last digest.
</td><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<tr><TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc">
<strong>Get MIME or Plain Text Digests?</strong><p>
Your mail reader may or may not support MIME digests. In
general MIME digests are preferred, but if you have a problem
reading them, select plain text digests.
</td><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<MM-Plain-Digests-Button>Plain Text<p>
<mm-global-mime-button><i>Set globally</i>
<tr><TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc">
<strong>Receive your own posts to the list?</strong><p>
Ordinarily, you will get a copy of every message you post to
the list. If you don't want to receive this copy, set this
option to <em>No</em>.
</td><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<tr><TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc">
<strong>Receive acknowledgement mail when you send mail to
the list?</strong><p>
</td><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<tr><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<strong>Get password reminder email for this list?</strong><p>
Once a month, you will get an email containing a password
reminder for every list at this host to which you are
subscribed. You can turn this off on a per-list basis by
selecting <em>No</em> for this option. If you turn off
password reminders for all the lists you are subscribed to, no
reminder email will be sent to you.
</td><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<mm-global-remind-button><i>Set globally</i>
<tr><TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc">
<strong>Conceal yourself from subscriber list?</strong><p>
When someone views the list membership, your email address is
normally shown (in an obscured fashion to thwart spam
harvesters). If you do not want your email address to show up
on this membership roster at all, select <em>Yes</em> for this option.
</td><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<tr><TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc">
<strong>What language do you prefer?</strong><p>
</td><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<tr><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<strong>Which topic categories would you like to subscribe
By selecting one or more topics, you can filter the
traffic on the mailing list, so as to receive only a
subset of the messages. If a message matches one of
your selected topics, then you will get the message,
otherwise you will not.
<p>If a message does not match any topic, the delivery
rule depends on the setting of the option below. If
you do not select any topics of interest, you will get
all the messages sent to the mailing list.
</td><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<tr><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<strong>Do you want to receive messages that do not match any
topic filter?</strong><p>
This option only takes effect if you've subscribed to
at least one topic above. It describes what the
default delivery rule is for messages that don't match
any topic filter. Selecting <em>No</em> says that if
the message does not match any topic filters, then you
won't get the message, while selecting <em>Yes</em>
says to deliver such non-matching messages to you.
<p>If no topics of interest are selected above, then
you will receive every message sent to the mailing
</td><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<tr><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<strong>Avoid duplicate copies of messages?</strong><p>
When you are listed explicitly in the <tt>To:</tt> or
<tt>Cc:</tt> headers of a list message, you can opt to
not receive another copy from the mailing list.
Select <em>Yes</em> to avoid receiving copies from the
mailing list; select <em>No</em> to receive copies.
<p>If the list has member personalized messages
enabled, and you elect to receive copies, every copy
will have a <tt>X-Mailman-Copy: yes</tt> header added
to it.
</td><td bgcolor="#cccccc">
<mm-global-nodupes-button><i>Set globally</i>
<tr><TD colspan="2">

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