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Lubuntu 18.04.3
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Lubuntu 18.04.3 gets released this week. This is a meta-task which tracks the release announcement, testing, and anything else that's related.

Testers so far (so we can give credit in the announcement):


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Here's the tentative release announcement; please look it over:

Thanks to all the hard work from our contributors, we are pleased to announce that Lubuntu 18.04.3 LTS has been released!

<h1>What is Lubuntu?</h1>
Lubuntu is an official Ubuntu flavor which uses the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE). The project’s goal is to provide a lightweight yet functional Linux distribution based on a rock solid Ubuntu base. Lubuntu specifically targets older machines with lower resources, but also runs great on newer hardware. Along with a simple but usable graphical user interface, Lubuntu comes with a wide variety of applications chosen for their small footprint so you can browse, email, chat, play, and be productive.

<h1>Where can I download it?</h1>
You can download Lubuntu 18.04.3 LTS on <a href="">our downloads page</a>.

This announcement on our official website (<a href=""></a>, NOT Lubuntu dot net, which is not run by Lubuntu contributors) replaces the traditional release notes we have provided in the past on the wiki. We have left out some notes that are common to all flavors, so we recommend that you read <a href="">the Ubuntu release notes</a>.

<h2>What's The Difference Between Lubuntu 18.04.2 LTS And This Release?</h2>

Lubuntu 18.04.3 is a set of images produced for convenience so that a fresh install of the latest Lubuntu LTS does not require as many updates after install (as Lubuntu continues to release Stable Release Updates and security fixes to make your experience as smooth as possible and to fix any bugs, if you want to help us out with this, see below, we always need more help), but is not a new major release of Lubuntu in and of itself. If you do system updates regularly, you are already running Lubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, and if you install Lubuntu on a system using a Lubuntu 18.04.2 LTS image or a previous point release and do system updates, that system will also then be running Lubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.

One notable change we made since the previous point release was setting the correct lock program. You can find more details about this change on <a href="">the bug report</a>

<h1>How do I get support?</h1>
You can get support for Lubuntu <a href="">here</a>.

<h1>How do I help?</h1>
We always need more help! Feel free to <a href="">join</a> our development channel (which is bridged three ways to Matrix, Telegram, and IRC) and talk to us there. Whether you know another language, have some spare time to help us test Lubuntu, are good at writing documentation, or just want to stay "in the know," that is the place to be.

<h1>Known Issues</h1>
At this point in time, we are not aware of any non-trivial known issues in Lubuntu.

Did we miss something? Please <a href="">file a bug</a> and tag it with "lubuntu".

Don't want to file a bug? <a href="">Let us know</a> what the problem is (in detail, enough that we can reproduce it) and we can assist you in filing one.

I really hope we can get that lubuntu-default-settings fix in on time. Here's what I said in -release; I'm awaiting a response but it could go either way:

08:20:10 PM < tsimonq2> infinity: Is there any chance you'd let us have bug 1812594 in -updates early so we can get it in for the point release?
08:20:14 PM < ubot5> bug 1812594 in lubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu Bionic) "Lubuntu 18.04 mistakenly sets the default lock problem to lxlock instead of light-locker" [Medium,Fix committed]
08:21:33 PM < tsimonq2> infinity: Or when it's released on Wednesday I could respin. ;P
08:21:47 PM < tsimonq2> Er, Tuesday.

Good news everyone!

09:16:46 PM < infinity> tsimonq2: We can push it out Monday before RCs spin up.  Remind me then.
09:17:08 PM < tsimonq2> infinity: Will do, thanks.

I'll try to remember to poke him.

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