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Manual as PDF
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Our manual is in a Git repository. This can be used to generate both the website and a PDF.

This should be a master task to collect ideas and give an overview. For the different steps and final ideas, subtasks should be created with the detailed descriptions and actions.

A rough workflow:

  1. A Jenkins job is started automatically every night/week/month/release or triggered by a member e.g. @lynorian
  2. The Jenkins job starts a minimal Linux with the required tools installed as a building environment
  3. The latest commits are pulled into the building environment
  4. A PDF is built directly from source by branch/version in the building environment
  5. If the PDF is built successfully, deploy the PDF on the website, so that users can download it for offline use.


  • Setting up a Jenkins job (or systemd or ...)
  • Check the PDF output and tweak it (CSS?)
  • Set up deployment
  • Define the interval of the creation

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