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figure out fcitx language support
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We need to check language support. At the minimum we lack Korean support. Perhaps it would be best if we just added all the language-specific input methods. Or maybe, alternately, add everything that's not GTK. One user suggested these options:

  • Korean: fcitx-hangul
  • Chinese: fcitx-pinyin
  • Japanese: fcitx-mozc
  • Vietnamese: fcitx-unikey
  • Thai: fcitx-thai (not in the repos)
  • Telugu: fcitx-telugu (not in the repos)

Of course, there are many questions to answer, which is why I've targeted this for the Global Team rather than the Development Team.

  1. The list is obviously incomplete. What do we need to have full support of all input methods that fcitx supports?
  2. Should we really add all of these methods? It seems like it would have the likelihood of adding a lot of extra cruft.
  3. Assuming that we don't want to add all of the options, how do we determine which ones to add? Are locales, keyboard layouts, and/or languages enough to decide this or do we need to directly ask the user?
  4. Don't some users use more than one input method? How do we deal with them?

My hopes is that the Global Team can talk to non-native English speakers and try to understand their experiences, needs, and what sort of situation they would like to see.

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Many of these languages ​​will have support in the local groups that we are creating, we will ask them directly

to view the changes is mandatory to reboot.

to activate, always put on top


sudo apt install fcitx-hangul libhangul-data libhangul1

select hangul in fcitx


sudo apt install fctix-unikey

select unikey in fcitx


sudo apt install fcitx-googlepinyin fcitx-sunpinyin fcitx-table fcitx-table-wbpy libgooglepinyin0 libsunpinyin3v5 sunpinyin-data

for the chinese variations


sudo apt install fcitx-mozc libzinnia0 mozc-data mozc-server mozc-utils-gui tegaki-zinnia-japanese

select mozc in fcitx


sudo apt install fcitx-table-thai

search and select thai in fcitx