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New Manual URL Design
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I'm proposing a new branch naming scheme for the Lubuntu Manual, which would help us refine the URLs and such.

master would be the WIP branch of the manual, which includes changes made for the development release.
stable would be the currently supported stable release.
lts would be the latest LTS.

The default page when someone goes to would be to select between these three. Otherwise, if someone goes to a specific page in the manual, it should either redirect to stable or lts.

On release day, part of the release process would be doing some Git surgery to completely overwrite stable with master's commits, and of course, on release day for an LTS, master would overwrite both. This would highlight the need for all changes made on stable and lts to also be on master, probably first. This would require downtime of five minutes at most, depending on how good the deployer's Git-fu is. I don't see the value in keeping around old releases, because we don't support them, so why would we need documentation for them?

Does this sound acceptable, @lynorian? At the end of the day, you have the final say on this, because this is your project. :)

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Agreed this is is similar to what I want right now. I mean I don't see the point in keeping old realeases published without support. I really don't think getting rid of the branches in the git tree would be best. I say keep old versions of source in branches around as that is easy if say we end up switching back to an program from a previous release So I don't have to start over from scratch. This is really similar to what I wanted. The only other question is what would just the old manual url link to if say someone had a URL saved to get to it.

That's a good idea. What about renaming the old branches to follow XX.YY? We could then follow the existing procedure, and you could go ahead and delete branches when you think it's necessary.

As for old URLs, the goal would be to redirect those to the stable version by default. It would then be up to you to keep a fairly stable URL scheme so people can keep links to them for a while.

Does that make sense, and is that the way we want to proceed here?

Bump, because I'd like to deploy this on release day if it's feasible.

I was asking more for where what to have redirect to. I think almost all of the branches are named that other than LXDE which 18.04 is basically a copy as I could not find an easy way to rename a git branch rather than take a new branch with a new name and delete the old and did not delete the old.

The plan is that would automatically redirect to the stable branch.

You can actually push a local branch name to a different remote branch name and then delete the old remote branch name.

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@tsimonq2 it doesn't seem like this is resolved when doesn't seem to go anywhere or rather it seems to go to which is obviously not valid. Perhaps this one is @teward's fault????

@wxl give me the valid link and I'll poke it in.