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  • Wallpaper (another wallpaper contest?)
  • Lenny
  • New SDDM looks

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tsimonq2 triaged this task as Normal priority.Thu, Oct 17, 2:58 PM
tsimonq2 created this task.
wxl added a subscriber: wxl.Thu, Oct 17, 3:01 PM

Maybe we should set a default face icon in SDDM to the new Lenny????

I thought about that, but that would mean we also need a mechanism to change user pictures, which we currently do not have (except for the CLI, of course),

wxl added a comment.Thu, Oct 17, 3:06 PM

So? I'd rather people think they're stuck with a cute icon than the stupid thing.

+1 on wxl, plus, we should have somewhere links to the manual. A lot of questions people ask are in the manual.

Turns out that there's a way to do this with our SDDM settings.

I think we might be able to add it to /usr/share/sddm/themes/lubuntu/theme.conf (Lenny would go in /usr/share/sddm/themes/lubuntu/ anyway). If not, we need to ship a config file as shown there.

I would JFDI but we have some new packagers around, so I'll let a newbie take it. :)

As for SDDM looks, that dates back to Raf days. I did make a change just now which makes the SDDM background the default wallpaper, something I forgot to do manually for this cycle: rART5c0b9859f384: Replace wall.png with a symbolic link to the default wallpaper.

As for improving the theme itself, well, as we all know, I'm very artistically gifted (not), so someone else should take a look at this and give it a proper refresh. All you'd need to do is customize the contents of /usr/share/sddm/themes/lubuntu and test with sddm-greeter --test-mode --theme /path/to/theme. I'd consider that to be an intermediate-level task; the person should have some basic familiarity with programming to be able to do it, especially given that it needs some handwritten QML. We'd probably need a design person and a developer working together on that.

@kc2bez @guiverc If y'all are interested in running another wallpaper contest, say so. :)

I'll do whatever I did last time, as I recall that was

  • I created draft-announcement based on Will Cooke's; @kc2bez checked/refined it; we'll use last years this time; we can look for diffs with Ubuntu's for necessary changes if we don't start before them
  • Dan posted in discourse; I could do that too once approved; someone would have to say when! ie. comp start & end date I'd not want to set; we've had discussion on end-date already I think; earlier I think this cycle?
  • I'll monitor the discourse post & add *view-able* pics (usually shrunk) so people don't have to go elsewhere to view (ie. for those that post links etc)
  • I created a gdoc [sheet]; with fields 'owner,title,c-vote,c-thoughts' ; Dan added 'd-vote,d-thoughts' & 'tally'

everything after that Dan did (ie. setup official member voting onwards)