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figure out replacement for TeleIRC
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Well, our handy dandy little Telegram bridge is dead. They recommend a switch to Matterbridge but apparently there's another TeleIRC (although they don't seem to be related except in name and language— node). IMHO there's two plusses to Matterbridge: it's not node, it's Go; and it supports a ton of other protocols, perhaps opening the door to more users as Telegram did. I guess we could also fork TeleIRC, but I'm not personally feeling that much.

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wxl triaged this task as High priority.Oct 22 2019, 6:16 PM
wxl created this task.

Sounds like Matterbridge is the better item to go with based on what's been stated here...

@teward Was able to get Matterbridge setup to replace teleric and it looks like good old lubot is in all the channels.

kc2bez assigned this task to teward.

One thing to note: Matterbridge, unlike TeleIRC, depends upon numeric group IDs for Telegram. This is good because it reduces ambiguity and prevents weird things from happening (perhaps why Lubuntu Arabic wasn't working with TeleIRC? Still don't know) but it's apparently a royal pain to figure out those IDs. @teward had to do some API hacking to get it set up and will document it soon.

Just for posterity's sake, Matterbridge is in its own container on the usual server (same as here). The config format is a little weird, but I should mention that the "name" value needs to be unique and is currently set to the group names, but they don't have to match. It's just a name for logs and such. We may want to change those to shorter values just to make things look prettier.

One other thing to mention is that we're using the latest binary from GitHub, so the question of how to remain updated stands. @teward and I discussed the potential possibility of a crontab entry pulling the latest tag or some such but it's still on the TODO.

I doubt he needs it (he acted really freaking fast when crap hit the fan) but @kc2bez you may want to leave @teward two tickets to deal with both the group ID documentation as well as the update mechanism.

Thanks to all that worked on this!