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Version Number in Plymouth?
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I wonder if we could include a version number alongside the Lubuntu logo with the Plymouth boot screen (installed by our artwork package).

It could definitely add an extra touch for users to know the version of their system.

The questions to answer here would be:

  1. Do we want to commit to doing this for every cycle?
  2. Do we keep the development codename in there prior to the release or just the final version string?

Ubuntu does this for the text-only Plymouth screens, so I don't see why we could do it with the graphical ones.

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I think it would be really great to have an indication that a development release is a development release. I'd like us to have a stock "in construction" wallpaper (this would be a great use for Lenny). For that matter, Plymouth could use the same methodology. For the text-based, we could include the actual codename and/or version. That's my 2¢.