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[] Broken Links on Front Page - "Explore Lubuntu's Features" -> /about == 404
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Titles' pretty obvious but...

on there is a link to "Explore Lubuntu's Features"

This goes to the /about page, which 404's and shows as "nonexistent"

This needs fixed.

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I have no idea why this disappeared, why it pointed there, what was supposed to go there, anything. Seems like you're the one person that would know, @tsimonq2

I'd like to give access to @TheWendyPower so she can start to get familiar with the website layout and fix these trivial things on behalf of Design/UX. Any objections?

5 weeks now... Seems like this should be a 5-minute fix for someone familiar with the site structure. Since this is a front page issue, can we get some attention on it? ☺

tsimonq2 closed this task as Resolved.Dec 11 2018, 5:34 PM