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Calamares: Slideshow doesn’t show
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Calamares-settings-Ubuntu needs QML plugin to show slideshow... might not show to you but for cinnamonremix it does. Read

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ItzSwirlz triaged this task as Low priority.Nov 30 2019, 2:43 PM
ItzSwirlz created this task.

@kc2bez Are we affected by this?

If not, maybe #ubuntu_developer is the better project to track this task.

@kc2bez Are we affected by this?

If not, maybe #ubuntu_developer is the better project to track this task.

I would like to get @tsimonq2 's take on it. We call for those dependencies as part of Calamares so it feels redundant to me.

The difference here is that these are build dependencies, not runtime dependencies for the Calamares package. If Calamares needs these QML packages regardless of the slideshow format, we should absolutely include them.

As for the correct solution, I'm unclear. My gut reaction would be to add those QML dependencies as runtime dependencies of Calamares and call it a day, but highvoltage (who you should ping) may have a more well-thought-out solution that we can also upstream to Debian.

At the end of the day, we can try a couple of solutions and see what works, but coordination with Debian on this would be ideal.

For Calamares-settings-cinnamon-remix better to just for now include it as a runtime depends

kc2bez claimed this task.Mar 28 2020, 8:57 PM
kc2bez moved this task from Research Phase to Needs Review on the Development Team board.

It looks like nobody has done this yet-for even UbuntuDDE and Lumina-this has been successful. @Eickmeyer do you experience a similar problem?

I have not experienced this issue at all. Bear in mind, the required QML might already be installed on an Ubuntu Studio or Lubuntu setup, both of which use Qt desktops.