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We've got an absolutely amazing manual complete with screenshots. If we had videos it would be an additional plus. I know that I much prefer reading but I know others that much prefer listening or seeing, so it would provide a completely different type of manual. I envision this would be a project separate from the manual and would likely be done by a team of people. The easy embeddability of YouTube videos makes them ideal for social media and the like, too, so the marketing department (which we don't really have but perhaps it might be best just to fold the Website Team into it) could make use out of them.

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Thing is I have never edited videos before. I also hate listening to the sound of my own voice.

I am pretty sure I could capture the video from my machine. I think I have a listenable quality mic but not sure about background noise. I also have a large nvme drive to store stuff. I see this as great as an only typed manual is pretty inaccessible to dyslexic people so I agree this would also be great for that. My keyboard might be too clicky though as it is a mechanical with blue switches so maybe should get back my old less good one. I mainly worry about video editing as that is not something I have done.

This seems like it would be a nice enhancement to the fantastic manual we already have. I would be willing to help with this project as time permits. I know AntiX / MX linux has a fair bit for video content that Dolphin Oracle put together. It seems to be a well utilized resource for them. I don't think there are too many other distros that have as much content as they do. I think like the current manual this could be something that could evolve over time, continually improving on the last iteration so I don't think we should focus too much about the initial quality.

In case I didn't make myself clear, Lyn, I do not envision this as another thing to lump on your plate. I mean, hey, if you want to add to your TODO list, knock yourself out, but you already do so much.

Furthermore, I think we need to, in general, focus on expanding our team when we add work rather than just trying to get the existing team to do it. We end up overworked, stretched thin, and the results aren't as good as they have the potential to be.

That said, at the very least, I don't think this is something anyone should do on their own. I'm sure we have others that could do video editing. I don't have a lot of experience with it, but I've done a little. I'm not sure what the best software for this is but I'm sure we could ask Erich with Ubuntu Studio. I note that their Wikipedia page mentions a number of video editors, but on their webpage, only OpenShot is mentioned.

One thing I agree very strongly on and hadn't initially considered is that this would be an exceptional benefit to our accessibility. We should, honestly, put together an accessibility team, but that's an aside.