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System requirements
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According to our configuration we require 8GB free disk and 1GB free RAM:

	    requiredStorage:    8
	    requiredRam:        1

For one, those are the actual requirements. We seem to be of the habit of not publishing any requirements and yet if people are underneath these requirements, they cannot proceed on the installer because those are both requirements:

	        - root
	        - storage
	        - ram

So we need to decide to have requirements or not. I vote we have them and publish them clearly but set the installer requirements to only the requirements for the installer, especially considering it's going off of what's free.

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wxl created this task.Oct 25 2018, 5:20 PM
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From our "Taking a new direction" post:

...we will no longer provide minimum system requirements...

If anything, just make it optional, or lower the values. But that's relatively unrelated.

wxl reopened this task as Open.Oct 29 2018, 5:23 PM

Until this is documented in the release notes for 18.10 and the requirements not made so strict (or perhaps not be there at all) for 19.04, this is not resolved.

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wxl added a comment.Nov 9 2018, 10:20 PM

18.10 release notes are now updated (rBLOG4691b5d032a9).