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Decide on default Lubuntu Next applications
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Lubuntu Next progress in some senses has been stalled for a bit because of decisions on the default applications. I would like to finally get these decided on, with a final decision date being Alpha 1. If further discussion is needed, that's fine, but generally, this is what it should probably be done by:
We need these decided on so we can do things like work on documentation, have screenshots that feature our actual default applications, and a slideshow for the installer that actually accurately reflects what applications we plan on shipping.

Also, this is being done here so it doesn't drag out more than it already has. This is a public site, but it's not on places like the mailing list with thousands upon thousands of subscribers that everyone will have a different opinion on...

Here are the applications we need to decide on:

Purpose of ApplicationOptionsStatus
Task managerqpsNeeds final decision
Games2048-Qt and othersDecide if games are something we want to include
Disk burningusb-creator-kdeDoesn't have KDE deps and mkusb isn't in the repos, needs final decision
NotesnobleNoteQt 4, but releases have been done upstream; needs final decision
Mail clientTrojitáNeeds to be packaged and a final decision needs to be made on it
TorrentingTransmission, qtorrent, fatrat, qbittorrentNeeds more discussion and picking of a candidate
Text editorFeatherpadNeeds final decision
Scanning applicationSkanliteNeeds final decision
Office suiteCalligra, LibreOfficeNeeds more discussion
Image viewerNomacs, LXImage-QtNeeds more discussion
Instant messagingQuasselNeeds final decision
Archiving applicationPeaZip, ArkCurrently we use Xarchiver but that's GTK-based; PeaZip seems lighter but very unclear upstream, Ark is KDE but very active upstream, needs discussion
PDF ViewerqpdfviewFinal decision needed, Debian MIA Team contacted about maintainer (so ~lubuntu-dev can take over maintainership if he doesn't respond)
Media playerSMplayer, Audacious, VLCMore discussion needed, there's no clear choice besides smplayer being light
Bluetooth applicationBluedevilNeeds final decision
NM frontendnm-trayRight now we use the GNOME frontend, which is fine, just brings in extra deps... nm-tray should be packaged and then we need to work with upstream to get it working decently enough to include by default

Present your choices.

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tsimonq2 created this task.Dec 2 2017, 7:06 PM
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m4sk1n added a subscriber: m4sk1n.EditedJan 12 2018, 7:18 AM

I'm using Featherpad as text editor for LXQt, it’s under active development… (and maybe FeatherNotes for notes?)

Ah the list looks good though i have some suggestions:

For the torrenting: I will suggest either Devulge or Vuze

For the task manager: I will go with Conky

And for the PDF viewing i will suggest Okular. 😄😄

@m4sk1n I think that's a great idea, I'll package that as soon as I get the chance.

@Accelerator I'll keep those in mind, thank you.

tsimonq2 updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 21 2018, 5:35 PM

What is Lubuntu Next's aim? Are we still trying to go for a super lightweight distro?

If so, I think we should try not to add so much stuff... Things like games don't sound quite right in that sense.

I think we also should try to go with some popular, more friendly applications.

I think lightweight distro is getting more and more out of the question as time goes on; that market is going away.

And right, the plan is to go with more popular applications, but they should really all be Qt-based.

Here are my comments :

Task manager => qps
Games => 2048-Qt ( 3Mo is not too much for a little fun)
usb-iso => usb-creator-kde
Notes => None (nobleNote is Qt4, not critical enought to include it with this depend)
Mail client => None (unless someone package trojita)
Torrent => transmission-qt (close to the gtk one we have on Lubuntu)
Editor => Juffed (Qt5, and featherpad is not packaged)
Scan => Skanlite
Office suite => LibreOffice (unless we can prove than Calligra is better, let's stick with the most common app)
Image viewer => Nomacs (a quick test show that it's equivalent to lxqt-image for memory usage, but it has more features)
IRC => Quassel (any other Qt5 choice ?)
Archiving application => Ark (any other Qt5 choice ?)
PDF => qpdfview (until there is another maintained solution)
Video player => SMplayer (mplayer based players have better performances than other like VLC)
Audio player => ? (audacious qt support was removed because not stable enough, as far as I know)
bluetooth => bluedevil (any other Qt5 choice ?)
network-applet => nm-tray (the only solution based on network-manager and Qt5 - the only one IMO criticial enough to be packaged)

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I've updated the seed with some of the choices. The remaining things that need to be dealt with are as follows:

  • Notes and Mail client should have something figured out.
  • As discussed on IRC, I have to do some benchmarking on the video and audio players yet.
  • nm-tray needs to be packaged (@gilir, please let me know if you would like to package this, otherwise I can).

Otherwise, I think we can consider everything else decided on.


m4sk1n added a comment.Feb 1 2018, 4:32 AM
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I think that the mail client should be none and let the user choose his own.

Dragonplayer is a simple qt5 video player and works well

uyar added a subscriber: uyar.May 1 2018, 2:00 PM

I've found cantata to be the best audio player app. It's Qt based and doesn't have any KDE dependency if I'm not overlooking anything.

uyar added a comment.May 1 2018, 2:09 PM

And kcharselect doesn't have more dependencies than kcalc which is already included in the ISO image.

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This was fixed last cycle.