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improve method to report bugs
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This post got me thinking just how difficult it is to figure out how to report a bug. I mean, some people don't even know what a "bug" is. The OP says to look at how Mozilla does it. They call it sending "feedback." Even if you got that, you won't find anything on You have to dig into the wiki. Our website is in the same boat. And even if you figure out to use ubuntu-bug, the pages on the subject go on forever.

To make it easy for Joe User to report a bug, we should walk them through it. There should be GUI elements to initiate the process. I'm thinking a simple interactive program (it could easily be a kdialog-powered shell script!) would do the trick. The workflow might be something like:

  1. Open program
  2. Provide information about bugs versus support and ask which they need
    1. If bug, continue
    2. If support, provide links
  3. Provide notice that a Launchpad account is required and ask if they need to create one
    1. If yes, do so and return
    2. If no, continue
  4. Explain we will collect information from the system to add to the bug report and check if they have experienced the bug on this machine. Ask them to reproduce it before continuing
  5. Tell them to be prepared to explain steps to reproduce, expected results, actual results
  6. Provide options to determine package
    1. If they know the package or program name, use a combination of binary names and/or Desktop Entry Name/GenericNames
    2. If they do not know the above, but it's running, provide an option to select a window
    3. If they have no clue, file a generic bug against meta

This could be on the Desktop by default, as well as in the menu, perhaps in an uncategorized state below About LXQt, so it stands out really nice. We could use a bug icon.

This is quite possibly something we could work on with other flavors, too.

I think getting this into 20.04 would be huge.

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