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Strange behaviour of lubuntu-grub-theme when purging it from the system
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In Lubuntu 20.04 the package lubuntu-grub-theme is part of the installation. In theory, it contains a theme for Grub. But in practice, I never saw it. Apart from that, the package may be unnecessary for

  • users who use another bootloader
  • users who don't have a multiboot and don't see the grub menu
  • users who prefer the old style
  • users who prefer another grub-theme

Unfortunately, it is not easy to purge the package:

~$ LANG=C apt -s purge lubuntu-grub-theme            
NOTE: This is only a simulation!
      apt needs root privileges for real execution.
      Keep also in mind that locking is deactivated,
      so don't depend on the relevance to the real current situation!
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
The following package was automatically installed and is no longer required:
Use 'apt autoremove' to remove it.
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  lubuntu-desktop* lubuntu-grub-theme*
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 2 to remove and 1 not upgraded.
Purg lubuntu-desktop [20.04.6]
Purg lubuntu-grub-theme [20.04.2]

I would expect, that only the package lubuntu-grub-theme is removed. But it removes also lubuntu-desktop and marks grub2 as no longer required.

I'm not sure what problems are to be expected when removing the package lubuntu-desktop. But removing grub2 (e.g. with sudo apt autoremove) doesn't look like a good idea.

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The_LoudSpeaker triaged this task as Normal priority.

There's no reason this should happen-nor would I think this would happen. I doubt this would probably happen but yeah, testing required.

Raman requested I test this.

Booted a QA-test *groovy* (clean) system on

  • dell [optiplex] 780 (c2q-q9400, 8gb, amd/ati cedar radeon hd 5000/6000/7350/8350)

System was upgraded.

Made it owner of grub (ie. sudo grub-install /dev/sda)
Booted; a nice colorful grub with Lubuntu logo on blue screen (multiple OS choices)

login to groovy; sudo apt remove lubuntu-grub-theme
No other packages were removed.

On reboot; I get an error message where theme is NOT found, I press a key as required and grub appears; not a pretty grub, no blue background or pretty logo, but grub still operates (appearance is like people with poor uEFI boxes with small white text on black background; boring!)

sudo apt install lubuntu-grub-theme, package is re-installed, reboot & the pretty Lubuntu grub theme returns.

What I experienced is behavior I would expect; the error message with missing theme didn't worry me.
I could test to see if it's removed by a update-grub if helpful, I didn't do it.
No issues with other packages being removed.

wxl added a subscriber: wxl.

Sounds resolved to me.