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Unassigned tasks or without scope
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Master task for all unassigned tasks or tasks, where the scope is not defined.

This task is to collect all the tasks which...

  • are not assigned and therefore, nobody is working on.
  • have no specified release.

This master task helps to find an open task or a known bug, which is not assigned to anyone. New and old contributors can browse through all open tasks and select the ones, that they are interested in.

This master task reduces also the paperwork after a release. Often there were several tasks for targeted version X, but nobody was working on. Instead of changing the parent task after every release, they are now child tasks of this and remain as long as they are not fixed or worked on for a specific release.

If you are working on a task and it is realistic, that the solution will be in a version X, please move this task to the master task of version X.

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apt-ghetto renamed this task from Undefined tasks or without scope to Unassigned tasks or without scope.Apr 27 2020, 3:10 PM