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remove fcitx-ui-qimpanel
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It seems at the beginning of working with LXQt, gilir added fcitx-ui-qimpanel to our seeds. This was developed by Ubuntu Kylin. It provides an alternate UI to the popup that happens when the input method is doing its thing. While that's not entirely terrible, there are a couple problems:

  • It doesn't seem necessary. The classic ui is installed (and maybe it would be better to use the light one) and it doesn't have unnecessary GTK depends.
  • The only skins exposed are very Ubuntu-specific, design-wise.
  • The desktop entry for the configtool has several issues:
    • The comment is very Kylin/Chinese-specific ("fcitx皮肤配置向导-UbuntuKylin")
    • The category is "Utility" (read: "Accessories") rather than "System"
    • The categories include GNOME;GTK but should be QT

So I vote we drop it, but I don't really use it, so I need some advice.

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