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properly launch desktop entries in terminal
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I filed a bug, describing an issue where, unless xterm is installed, desktop entries requiring the terminal wouldn't launch at all. Initially I was shot down and the conversation became quickly unproductive but somehow resulted in actually identifying the issue. Turns out the terminals were hardcoded and naturally qterminal is not among them, so we have a two fold workaround in:

  1. libfm-qt
  2. pcmanfm-qt

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wxl created this task.Sun, Nov 18, 10:48 PM
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Do you think this should be SRUed? If so, could you please do le paperwork?

wxl added a comment.Tue, Nov 20, 11:06 PM

I don't think many people would want to create a desktop entry for a terminal program. Some will, sure. Not many.

Additionally, there are two work arounds:

  1. install xterm
  2. don't use Terminal=true and call the terminal expicitly with the likes of Exec=qterminal -e some-command

That said, I don't think it's worth the effort to SRU.


ACK on cherry-picking; do you need me to do this or does someone else want the practice? :)

wxl added a comment.Tue, Nov 20, 11:15 PM

I think it's a great opportunity for someone new to figure it out, especially considering how low priority it is.