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Let's find out how good we can make Lubuntu. All Ideas Welcome!
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This is important because if people can talk free about their ideas we can make Lubuntu a even better project -

In group's we can together ->
make it the best Linux Distro out there. ->

Here is absolute democracy except a few rules.
No Discriminating, No Racism and have a good and a Civilized Tune

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What Lubuntu needs? Well I think we need to start by making it as a simple and lightweight as only possible and also try getting stable intregration of Wine/DXVK or something new. Also later on I would say we should go for a rolling distro. There is a lot more ofcourse and this is a just the start of this project. Hopefully people will join in.

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To be fair, those rules are covered by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, which governs all of our actions within Lubuntu. It also gets to the point that as Lubuntu we are Ubuntu and as such we will not be doing anything which deviates from the base of Ubuntu.¹ That said, we will not be even considering the idea of a rolling distro until you can convince Ubuntu of it. I should add it's been brought up more than once and shot down vehemently, so I think your likelihood of success there is extremely small.

Similarly, packages (including WINE) are provided by Ubuntu and are maintained either by the general development team or by a special team. In most cases, though, Ubuntu packages are syncs of what's in Debian, so the heavy lifting on packages are done by Debian maintainers or a special team within the Debian maintainers. The Ubuntu folks basically make small changes as needed to the work done by the upstream Debian. That said, you should talk to the respective Ubuntu (not sure this is still active) and Debian teams about getting more updated packages.

As far as what the Lubuntu team works on, we focus our efforts on maintaining the packages directly related to Lubuntu, i.e. that specific selection of packages that makes Lubuntu what it is. We don't worry about the underlying core Ubuntu and we don't worry about packages that are not included in the basic Lubuntu install. Basically, we have LXQt and a bunch of Qt packages and that's it. In any case, we will not be including any WINE by default in Lubuntu.

I hope this doesn't sound like I'm shooting down your idea, but it's important to understand the constraints we have to deal with as well as where the right place to go with your idea is. If you do have some idea regarding the specific Lubuntu packages, I'm all ears.

¹ I mean we could, but then we wouldn't be an official flavour of Ubuntu. It would mean branching off and doing our own thing, providing all our own infrastructure (including building images) and that is really impractical. We don't have a big enough team to take care of everything that would need to be taken care of, let alone other resources. It would also mean we would need to legally change our name, which would kill the branding we've had for years.

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One other thing: having a general task to discuss a bunch of wishlist tasks is bound to be a rather long, lengthy, and confusing conversation because of too many subjects being dealt with at one time. Just like it's a bad idea to send in a bug report for a bunch of different bugs, it's bad to have a task for a bunch of different tasks. That said, I'm going to close this. If you have a specific item, make a new task for that.