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Live session keyboard layout oddities
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The live session keyboard layout is en-us by default, this causes problems with machines that use another layout (in my case en-gb).


  1. Entering anything that requires " or @ is reversed. This is especially troublesome when entering text into password fields with no show-password option.
  2. Calamares when asking you to pick a keyboard layout shows the standard us keyboard layout with an option to test your chosen layout, this doesn't honour the selection. For example, picking a gb keyboard and typing "@ results in the reverse.

Possible solutions:

Ask the user to pick a layout before loading the live session.

Please correct this issue where necessary.

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OK so 2 seems to only occur in "legacy" non-efi mode. With my thinkpad set to "both (legacy/efi)" mode (booted into efi mode), Calamares correctly switches the keyboard layout & the test input is correct (not reversed).