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libreoffice-kde5 doesn't add file extensions automatically
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libreoffice-kde5 file dialog doesn't add automatically the file extension which are important for.docx .xlsx, otherwise the system recognize them as zip.
When removing that package and letting only libreoffice-gtk, extension are added automatically. But we loose, the qt filepicker.

I'm not sure if this problem ahappens only to us or it happens to kubuntu to. I have bugs filed in libreoffice:
and ubuntu launchapd:

test in kubuntu/kde is appreciated

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hmollercl updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 17 2019, 7:10 AM

Olivier replied in upstream bug confirming the issue in 6.2.-

hmollercl added a comment.EditedWed, Jan 30, 9:52 AM

LO 6.2 has VCL=qt5, which has the extension checkbox but currently doesn't add the extension. Bug filed for that
Apparently there exist libreoffice-qt5

Alright, so from what I can tell, a commit fixing this is now upstream.

@hmollercl Would you like me to work with oSoMoN on this or would you like to work to cherry-pick that commit (referenced in the bug), test it, and then submit it?

My understanding is that upstream fixes doesn't still work.
VCL=kde5 uses kio to put the checkboxes, so not best way to go. Moreover, one of the fixes addedin LO will make VCL=kde5 and gtk3 fallback to qt5 when lxqt is used.

VCL=qt5 is buggie:

but, we should be ready to run easily in VCL=qt5 (or qt5+cairo according to 10minutes bug) when 6.2 comes to ubuntu, I don't know if we are, maybe oSoMoN (Ollivier Tilloy?) know, I tried to ask via IRC but didn't get a clear answer, only that whe is working on bringing 6.2 to ubuntu, but doesn't know when.