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Fix trusted executables AGAIN
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See the Launchpad bug but tl;dr we need to bring back rLIBFMQTPACKAGING9abec1c8dddc2cdb5f362a7ecb9ce9bf1cd00831.

Dan said on IRC he might give this a shot , so I'll assign him.

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wxl created this task.Tue, Jan 29, 5:08 PM
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FYI: My PR has been accepted: commit

wxl added a comment.Sat, Feb 2, 6:13 PM

@apt-ghetto Cool. Admittedly, that doesn't help us here, but it will be something we'll have to yet modify again once it comes down. You should have snuck in a change to trusted 😆

Yes, but we have to modify only one line which makes this patch a lot easier. And as long as it is a macro, it won't change in the future, so we can apply the same patch again and again.

kc2bez added a comment.Tue, Feb 5, 5:36 AM

This patch has made it into the latest daily ISO. The Calamares desktop is now trusted and executable without the prompt. Are we set to close this out?

tsimonq2 closed this task as Resolved.Sat, Feb 9, 12:52 PM

Yep, I'm assuming with your comment that you've tested it.