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create mechanism to update Calamares and settings before running
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One challenge we face with the installer is that if we have an issue with it or with settings, even though we can do an SRU to bring that change into the archives, it won't end up on the ISO as there is a great resistance to respinning ISOs (understandably so).

We could always ask people to update and upgrade before running the installer, but that's asking a lot. Some folks don't even read the release notes.

With that in mind, I created a feature request to allow for in situ upgrades, but it doesn't seem like there's a lot of interest in making anything happen.

However, in the process of doing that an idea came up: use a wrapper to run the update before running Calamares. More explicitly, that means the creation of a script that:

  • checks if an Internet connection is available
    • if no connection is available, run Calamares
    • if a connection is available:
      1. update the package index
      2. upgrade calamares
      3. upgrade calamares-settings-lubuntu
      4. run Calamares
  • handles any errors and exits cleanly

Finally, we would need to change the Exec line of our Desktop Entry to run the script rather than Calamares.

Since rCALASETTINGS contains our Desktop Entry, this would be a good place for the script. We could install the file in our main Calamares directory (/etc/calamares).

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