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update Calamares Apport hook for file check status
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According to this bug there is now a /run/casper-md5check.json that says whether or not the file check at the beginning succeeds, fails or was skipped (with most likely fsck.mode=skip boot flag). If it fails, it says which files failed.

So this is all good information we should include in our Apport hook for Calamares. Since there are a number of files already included, making this change (inside the calamares packaging) should be very simple, even for someone who doesn't know Apport.

An aside: it doesn't tell us whether or not the entire installation media is in good working order. That said, even if we do have passes, it still means that we could have a bad install (i.e. bad tooling could incorrectly install good data).

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wxl triaged this task as High priority.Jan 26 2021, 1:00 AM
wxl created this task.

It may be true (looking at the commit) that this may be a part of ALL bug reports, so this may not be necessary. Needs to be double checked.

Note also that on an installed system, it's at /var/log/installer/casper-md5check.json.

Finally, note that in a bug report the result is:

CasperMD5CheckResult: <skip|fail|pass>
CasperMD5CheckMismatches: <mismatched files, if fail>

One other note: as of right now, the default result is skip. That means that systems that were upgraded from older versions before the file check will say skip. This is clearly not right. I'm going to commit a change to make it unknown.

Here's the aforementioned fix to show unknown by default unless there's a clear skip or pass.

Here's a recent example of a bug against Cala that includes a pass result, indicating that apport is including it in everything, so no need to bother with this any further.