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figure out file check
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So we all know about the file check that runs at boot. It turns out that the "Ctrl-C" that is supposed to skip doesn't, nor does the "S" which it used to be. It seems there is some suggestion this may be due to the theme. Some flavors don't even seem to show the skip option. Anyways, we need to figure this out and get it resolved once and for all so at least users aren't confused. I'd rather have nothing than a suggestion of something that doesn't work.

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wxl triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 26 2021, 1:02 AM
wxl created this task.

I stumbled upon this which I admit to not having read in its entirety but I'm thinking this might give some clues as to how to set up the theme properly based on a quick skim.

Thanks to a bunch of testing from others, this works everywhere (all the flavors) but sometimes (especially Lubuntu?) it needs to be hit multiple times for it to work. So maybe something else is going on.

wxl changed the task status from Open to Upstream.Mar 3 2021, 11:11 PM

BTW there's a bug where the check isn't even working right. It seems that this is a regression after they tried to keep the boot going while the check was happening. If they do get that working, then this will be irrelevant, since the confusing text won't be there and the desire to skip won't be there, either.

It looks like the bug is scheduled to be fixed for release so I suspect with that this issue will be resolved.

wxl claimed this task.

Looks like it's fixed but there's no feedback to the user when there's a fail. Filed a separate bug about that. At the least, though, we can have folks check the casper-md5check.json file in /run in live or /var/log/installer in installed. And I've confirmed the results are included in bug reports.