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Packages not in our packageset (that probably should be)
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When @The_LoudSpeaker was doing some Debian merges he found some packages that are not in our packageset that really should be.

The following are what was noticed:

lxqt-archiver is "new" and should be added too. @teward added this after it went through new.

We should probably run a comparison to this and phab though.

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  • qapt-deb-installer
  • plasma-discover
  • muon
  • openbox
  • sddm
  • pavucontrol-qt
  • qps
  • partitionmanager
  • k3b
  • kcalc
  • pinentry-qt
  • usb-creator-kde
  • lxqt-metapackages

We've got other applications like LibreOffice and VLC that I did not include as those really aren't our babies. I'm comfortable with this list and await further input from others.

In T197#4335, @wxl wrote:
  • qps

I uploaded qps last, so I am certain we already have it.

In T197#4345, @wxl wrote:


Ok, I can get behind that.