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Some apps doesn't have titlebar icons
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in 21.04 some apps have the titlebar icon (and the windowshifter too) icon missing, for example featherpad an kcalc.

and in 20.10:

could be also and app issue, since at least featherpad version is different, further investigation needed.

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kcalc in 20.10 is version 20.08.1 (with icons), in 21.04 is 20.12.3 (w/o in main titlebar but yes in preferences.)
Featherpad (0.17.1) should be tested with openbox in Debian to see if i'ts lubuntu problem or not.

working fine on debian with the same version of featherpad, in lubuntu i have the same problem as @hmollercl

tested with kwin instead of openbox and icons are also missing.
Tested with Breeze icons, featherpad icon appear but kcalc does not.

Tested LXQt 0.16 on Debian Sid and this problem doesn't happen. Maybe a build problem? I don't think is a configuration issue. Same as T206

21.10 has the version 5.82 and works perfectly!