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Some manual partition file systems do not work in Calamares
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As mentioned in IRC some formats do not work in Calamares. It would be good to compile a list so that we can A:) Document it. B:) Exclude those from the drop-down list or C:) fix the issue. Further, for the file systems that do not work it would be good to test with another distribution to see if the issue(s) is(are) isolated to (L)Ubuntu.

@svinoba would you be willing to put together a list of what doesn't work?

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kc2bez triaged this task as High priority.May 21 2021, 3:02 PM
kc2bez created this task.

@kc2bez, we currently have following filesystems in the drop-down list for 'File System' label on 'Create a Partition' window: ext4, ext2, ext3, linuxswap, fat16, fat32, ntfs, reiser, xfs, jfs, unformatted, btrfs, luks, lvm2 pv, luks2, fat12 and minix. Of these, following have issue.

No.File SystemIssueSuggestion
1luksInstaller crashesRemove from the list
2luks2Installer crashesRemove from the list
3lvm2 pvInstaller fails/cannot proceed as no option to create LV.Remove from the list (at least till LVM issues are fixed upstream)
4fat12 , fat16, fat32Installer crashes if selected for system (/) partition.Provide mount point /dos which gets auto-selected upon selecting these filesystem and mask rest of the normal mount points so user cannot select it for system (/) partition (easier ?). If not, a pop-up window should display informing they have selected incompatible filesystem for the system (/) partition and should not allow installaion to proceed.
5ntfsInstallation completes but when logged in have full access to whole filesystem, can delete, modify whatever and thereby, brick the system.Provide mount point /windows which gets auto-selected upon selecting this filesystem; rest same as above.

Note-1: Regarding luks, although I haven't seen the logs (or able to undestand for that matter), I think what is happening is, the installer encrypts the selected partition (luksFormat), but then does not format the mapped mount point with linux filesystems (luksOpen and /dev/mapper/sda2_crypt steps). Instead, it probably is trying to mount the encrypted partition itself on /target/calamares-root-xxxxxxx rather than the mapped one.

Note-2: Suggestion for fat/ntfs partitions is from Ubiquity (as tested on Xubuntu).

Tested on KaOS (albeit with an older iso - 202011) and confirmed same issues exist there. So, it is not Lubuntu-specific issue.

@svinoba Can you clarify where you're getting your suggestions from? You mention 'Ubiquity' but I just tested in the latest Ubuntu release and I cannot confirm the 'dos' mountpoint or 'windows' mountpoint being autoselected.

@teward, 'autoselect' was probably not correct term as in, it doesn't auto-fill the entry-box. What I meant was the mount point list is auto-updated to show only /dos and /windows options and all other typical options like /, /boot, /home etc are not shown. See attached images (all from Xubuntu, latest daily iso).

If we persist and manually type / for mount point, we get error when we click 'Install Now' saying 'Invalid file system for this mount point' and it does not allow us to proceed. Snapshot attached.