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Move the bots
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We need our faithful bots moved over to please help us.

I will make a teward atlassian ticket too.

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kc2bez triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.May 27 2021, 12:22 AM
kc2bez created this task.

lubot (bridge) is not being migrated until we get the international channels' ACLs set up again.

lugito is broken right now due to it being on a DO node - Digital Ocean is SASL-forced at the moment on LIbera Chat, so either they'll exempt the IP, or I'll have to drop a nuke into the equation and set up a ZNC bouncer that the bots connect to and ZNC handles the SASL.

teward changed the task status from Open to Upstream.May 27 2021, 1:06 AM

Marking as "Upstream" since Libera Chat has to figure out whether the IP for the node that lugito is on at DO can be exempted from SASL enforcement - if not I'll have to work around it.

Libera has informed us we will not get an IP exception for the DO node.

So we're going to have to ZNC both the bots. We'll get that done soon enough. Today's a holiday though (May 31) here so.

teward changed the task status from Upstream to Open.May 31 2021, 8:29 PM