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artwork for impish indri 21.10
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At a minimum a two new images are required

(1) greeter or sddm image (though needs to be considered; at a minimum where the data entry box appears over image)

(2) main wallpaper for desktop (something that looks good not just as wallpaper, but with screen grabs with our default appearance theme; I feared our *hirsute* one was a little dark when it appeared on in screen captures with lighter windows...

Both these are subjective

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Possible candidate for sddm/greeter

(unsplash is a site wimpy mentions wallpapers can be taken from in

Resolution : 4206 x 2804
Author/Credit : Hans-Jurgen Mager (

If T182 changes the login (username/password) position, image may not be as great.

I haven't QA-tested the image on various resolutions to ensure login box doesn't start covering the indri; image wouldn't be as cool then, but I believe it'll be good. Happy to test for this if deemed necessary & current sddm theme appears static.

Some pictures I've looked at (possible candidates) for background wallpaper from

fields I've used initially

  • link
  • summary (my text description)
  • why
  • why-not
  • issues
  • score +/-

(expect contents of linked doc to change, be added to with time)