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Users complain that lxqt consumes more resources than lxde. Is this true? If it's true, is it because the DE or other ubuntu/core functionalities?
What can be done to make lxqt consume less reosurces?
removing autostart of Qlipper and lxqt-runner (and don't use compton) could make reading of ram ussage arounf 300Mb with "top"

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The proceses that pops up consuming memory, that are not lxqt related are:
python3 /usr/share/system-config-printer/
python3 /usr/share/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrades-shutdown --wait-for-signal
python3 /usr/bin/networkd-dispacther --run-startup-triggers
python3 /usr/share/apt-xapian-index/update-apt-xapian-index-dbus

I would consider all of those to be needed things:

  • Someone is going to expect that there's a printer daemon working.
  • unattended-upgrades, while we might want to install that by default, is incredibly useful for sysadmins.
  • networkd is systemd. Fun.
  • apt-xapian seems to be for an apt frontend of some kind. What's using that? Perhaps you can look into that for your update notifier?

Regardless, I think the fact that 300 MB of idle usage can be achieved should absolutely be release noted.

I agree that the 3 first are needed, if only those where cpp an not python, it would be lighter.
Not sure what xapian does, will investigate.

@hmollercl when you finish making it as light as possible, let me know and I'll make a new task for marketing purposes to blog about the footprint of Lubuntu, which was, as I remember, our initial goal.

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…and since this task has become the "make it lighter" task and you seem to be running the charge, I'm assigning to you.

Preparing my presentation for UbuConLa I found this two articles on memory consumption in differente distros:

I know that this are not scientific test, maybe he uses different tools to messure, but still it give us some data.

Any idea on why Lubuntu 19.04 has so much more than Lubuntu Next? More than 80Mb.
I know that not only the DE contributes to it but: Kubuntu gain 10M, Xubuntu 60M, Mate 40M and we 80M??

I suspect that there's some fundamental change in core Ubuntu. I'm sure that the differences in the amount that has changed is due to different forms of measurement. You should pick one test (try ps ax -o pid,rss,comm --sort -rss | numfmt --header --field=2 --to=iec --padding=5) to get the list of processes and one test to get the memory (vmstat -s | grep 'free memory' might be a good one but memory is always changing; even when used with parallel, I get a slightly different result from free) and run through all the different options between 18.04 and 19.04. Or at least pick three.

We could also disable lxqt-runner. It is more powerfull that the menu search, but it takes 16Mb according to qps and most of the functionality (search by name) is done by the menu search also.

Bumping this task.
adding new insights:

As discussed with @wxl we could crete an entry blog (or manual chapter?) explaining this kind of things. My wireframe for it would be:
1.- Why lubuntu moves away from lxde, the GTK2 vs GTK3 issue.
2.- Does LXQt consumes to much ram? and link to the test that are copied in this task.
3.- What/How can I safely remove to free ram: lxqt-runner, qlipper (make sure you don't use compton)
4.- What can I UNsafely remove? (if printer isn't used python3 /usr/share/system-config-printer/
5.- How can I use Openbox without LXQt. (without wallpaper problem)
6.- Webpages ram consumption.

do you agree? do you agree with the order?