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nm-tray icons
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Currently nm-tray is the only status icon that is dark over dark with papirus icon, making it difficult to see. That's because the icons it is using are the "symbolic". If icons are change to non-symbolic that will be solved. The only problem would be that when clicking the icon there appear a list of options with icons (like active connections) and that list has a light background and now, that the icons are light, they don't see well in that case. The text is dark so it can be read.

Final solution should be to change symbolic icons to none symbolic and make the colors (background and fonts) of the list change with the theme.
the icon names should be change in the file src/icons.cpp

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hmollercl created this task.EditedApr 10 2019, 1:57 PM
hmollercl triaged this task as Wishlist priority.

not sure why they use -symbolic icons, is thsre some kind of convention? I couldn't find anything in here

found out that network manager also does the crick of loading all the icons (the system tray and the ones that appear when clicking over the tray to show the available networks) at the same time. Since the dialog is light background and the panel dark, the best solution might be to load them separately and use non-symbolic for the tray and symbolic for the available network list.

Sounds good to me, @hmollercl. Please do work with upstream on this; I certainly want to SRU this into 19.04 when we have a fix (and we might be able to do a 0 day SRU).

wxl reassigned this task from tsimonq2 to hmollercl.Apr 13 2019, 1:28 AM
wxl added a parent task: T69: SRUs.Apr 23 2019, 10:26 PM

palinek added a commit to solve the issue and it worked, the commit is:
since it is over 0.4.2 and we are in 0.4.1 and in sid there is already 0.4.2-1 how should we proceed?