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Smart package removal
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I had a conversation with someone on the Release Team; we apparently don't remove enough packages post-install.

When a livefs is generated, it also generates a livecd.lubuntu.manifest-remove file. Here is an example:

For example, if btrfs filesystems aren't used, the package support shouldn't be installed.

Ubiquity goes through and removes unneeded packages if they're on that list. This is a bit tricky to implement because we need the correct logic. @wxl, could you take a look at the list and help me write some pseudocode for what we should remove here?

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I don't claim to understand Ubiquity (heh) but there are two pieces of code that seem to deal with this:

  1. scripts/
  2. scripts/
wxl added a comment.Aug 23 2018, 11:46 AM

"Pseudocode Interpretation of" or "What It Looks Like When Your Head Explodes" by Walter Lapchynski

# note that remove is the current system, so desktop can kind of be ignored
manifest_remove = /path/to/filesystem.manifest-remove
manifest_desktop = /path/to/filesystem.manifest-desktop
manifest = /path/to/manifest

# using above files, populate desktop_packages (standard) or difference, respectively
# curiously, desktop_packages never gets used outside this section so i'm not sure why it's set
# especially for the default method
if manifest_remove
  for line in manifest_remove
    if not null or comment
      difference += first column of (first column of line before colon) before space
  for line in manifest
    if not null or comment
      live_packages += first column of (first column of line before colon) before space
  desktop_packages = live_packages - difference
else if manifest_remove
  for line in manifest_desktop
    if not null or comment
      desktop_packages += first column of (first column of line before colon) before space
  for line in manifest
    if not null or comment
      live_packages += first column of (first column of line before colon) before space
  difference = live_packages - desktop_packages
  difference = emptyset

# add to difference files from minimal install's remove list
if minimal_install
  for line in /path/to/manifest-minimal-remove
    difference += first column of line before colon

# add (but don't duplicate) to difference anything installed and in restricted
if apt-setup/restricted
  for package in cache
    if package is installed and in restricted
      difference |= package

# add to keep anything in /var/lib/ubiquity/apt-installed
keep = query_recorded_installed()

# populate keep with necessary files for bootloading
arch, subarch = archdetect()
if arch is amd64 or i386
  keep += 'grub-pc'
  if subarch is efi
    keep += 'grub-efi', 'grub-efi-amd64', 'grub-efi-amd64-signed', 'shim-signed', 'mokutil'
    altmeta base-installer/kernel/altmeta
    if altmeta
      altmeta = '-$altmeta'
    keep += 'linux-signed-generic$altmeta'
    keep += 'grub'
else if arch is armel or armhf and subarch is omap, omap4, or mx5
  keep += 'flash-kernel', 'u-boot-tools'
else if arch is powerpc
  keep += 'yaboot', 'hfsutils'

# add ubiquity for oem-config
if oem-config
  keep += ubiquity

# subtract from difference packages that can't be removed if we want to keep those in keep
difference -= expand_dependencies_simple(cache, keep, difference)

# keep only those packages in difference where there's no prerm
difference = 
  for package in difference
    if /var/lib/dpkg/info/$package.prerm does not exist

# make difference equal to those packages that aren't going to mess everything up, essentially
# this code and the get_remove_list function is enough to drive a person insane
with cache
  for package in difference
    if package in confirmed_remove
    would_remove = get_remove_list(cache, pkg)
    if would_remove <= difference
      confirmed_remove |= would_remove
      for package in would_remove
        mark package for keeping
difference = confirmed_remove

# if there are no more packages left to remove, quit
if difference is empty
  delete cache
  empty blacklist

# generate a blacklist of files for each package in difference
cmd = `dpkg -L $difference`
for file in cmd
  u[file] = 1
blacklist = u
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