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Properly implement different wallpapers for different monitors
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Hans has written a workaround which is usable for ensuring multiple monitors can each have their own wallpapers. Last I checked upstream rejected this, so we have to implement it as a distro patch I think (unless we want to put some Openbox conditionals in upstream code).

We should properly implement this, so a workaround isn't needed.

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The script Hans wrote is totally usable and is better than the suggested workaround of using nitrogen to handle the wallpaper, since this requires not using pcmanfm-qt to manage the desktop. No one rejected Hans' script, but it's not really a solution. The problem one finds reading the upstream issue is that both different display servers and window managers look at things differently, so there's not really a generic solution. Ultimately this is going to need new code upstream.

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the script can be used as a starting point if someone wants to do something. But I use xrandr to get the actual dimensions of the screen I believe that it is not generic.

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Right, exactly. It is, after all, xrandr, not waylandrandr. Also, I guess that some window managers see multiple displays as one whole display while others see them as separate, apparently regardless of what xrandr says.

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I thought that lxqt should be getting the same info I get with xrandr for their monitor config.
They said they used lxrandr-qt before, but now they use libkscreen.
Not sure if libkscreen can handle wayland but might be a way to go. There exist kscreen and it gives the information needed (number of monitors, size and position)

I have an idea, instead of use xrandr to get the current monitor configuration to use ~/.config/lxqt/lxqt-config-monitor.conf [currentConfig] info.


hmollercl added a comment.EditedNov 17 2019, 1:02 AM

and we should do the "intervention" here
in the
// really generate the background pixmap according to current settings and apply it.
void DesktopWindow::updateWallpaper()

for documentation purposes, I already did the modifications and is in a pull request waiting for review and aproval to be merged

PR already merged, we should wait new release to have it for 20.04 or package the git.

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I have tested this from unstable-ci and it works as intended, I think we should add this to default settings so that it is set by default.

I tried to let it as default in the code, but tsujan didn't let me.
We will have to change it in the xdg that goes to ~/.config/pcmanfm-qt/lxqt/settings.conf entry PerScreenWallpaper=true

Do we want to patch this or wait for a release? I personally feel like we shouldn't wait as a release may not come in time.

instead of patching we might have to take a whole git version, there are to much commits from the last release. We should try to get a new release and establish a deadline to get it or do the git/patch

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Flipping this to upstream since we'll wait for them and if it gets down to the wire, we'll do what @hmollercl suggests and take the git version.

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This is already present in 0.15 which is in 20.10