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Properly implement different wallpapers for different monitors
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Hans has written a workaround which is usable for ensuring multiple monitors can each have their own wallpapers. Last I checked upstream rejected this, so we have to implement it as a distro patch I think (unless we want to put some Openbox conditionals in upstream code).

We should properly implement this, so a workaround isn't needed.

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The script Hans wrote is totally usable and is better than the suggested workaround of using nitrogen to handle the wallpaper, since this requires not using pcmanfm-qt to manage the desktop. No one rejected Hans' script, but it's not really a solution. The problem one finds reading the upstream issue is that both different display servers and window managers look at things differently, so there's not really a generic solution. Ultimately this is going to need new code upstream.

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the script can be used as a starting point if someone wants to do something. But I use xrandr to get the actual dimensions of the screen I believe that it is not generic.

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Right, exactly. It is, after all, xrandr, not waylandrandr. Also, I guess that some window managers see multiple displays as one whole display while others see them as separate, apparently regardless of what xrandr says.