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fix fcitx packages
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  1. We're seeding GTK packages. Need to figure out why. (Well, some are Firefox; hoping to see a switch to Falkon soon, or at least 20.10).
  2. There are likely additional packages we need to support different devices. @guiverc has a tablet with a Wacom pen he struggled to get working.
  3. We need to get rid of fcitx-ui-qimpanel. Mint did. There are several reasons:
    1. It doesn't seem necessary. The classic ui is installed (and maybe it would be better to use the light one) and it doesn't have unnecessary GTK depends.
    2. The only skins exposed are very Ubuntu-specific, design-wise.
    3. The desktop entry for the configtool has several issues:
      1. The comment is very Kylin/Chinese-specific ("fcitx皮肤配置向导-UbuntuKylin")
      2. The category is "Utility" (read: "Accessories") rather than "System"
      3. The categories include GNOME;GTK but should be QT
  4. We need to check language support. At the minimum we lack Korean support. Perhaps it would be best if we just added all the language-specific input methods. Or maybe, alternately, add everything that's not GTK. One user suggested these options:
    • Korean: fcitx-hangul
    • Chinese: fcitx-pinyin
    • Japanese: fcitx-mozc
    • Thai: fcitx-thai
    • Telugu: fcitx-telugu
    • Vietnamese: fcitx-unikey

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wxl created this task.Apr 15 2019, 5:49 PM
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bagjunggyu added a comment.EditedApr 16 2019, 2:32 AM

so, now we are about to discuss to ship those input methods
it is very happy news
Thank you ^^

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guiverc added a comment.EditedThu, Jul 11, 9:24 PM

I just had a really good QA-test using 19.10 daily.
(following bits copied from my comments on test)

motion computing j3400 (c2d-u9400, 4gb, intel mobile 4 series)
using only wacom pen [& buttons] on device
enable fcitx using wacom-pen, toggle onscreen keyboard
connect hidden wifi (2.4ghz hidden wpa2);
I marked as FIX RELEASED due to this test. The onscreen keyboard is small but perfectly workable.

I didn't actually use device buttons; only pen & it's button

wxl updated the task description. (Show Details)Thu, Jul 11, 10:58 PM