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make new release checklist
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so we don't forget, we need a checklist. things like:

  • gather known bugs from the likes of (perhaps automate this):
    • ISO tracker reports
    • Lubuntu Packages Team
    • all of the packages on Launchpad
  • make release notes (and don't forget to publish them!!!!)
  • update website (downloads page and home page especially)
  • social media
  • chat channel topics

Event Timeline

I would suggest we just add this to rNEWREL New Release Tooling, sort of like how the Ubuntu release checklist is.

The sloppy way we dealt with release notes and the website indicates how important things like this are.

Spite closes things, dummy.

wxl triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Apr 18 2019, 7:48 PM

Exactly. Move everything over, it doesn't belong here. :P

This task remains here so that it does get added there.

tsimonq2 changed the task status from Resolved to Spite.Apr 19 2019, 8:10 PM