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provide a solution for installing third-party/proprietary drivers
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As the bug report explains, Calamares has no way to deal with installing third-party proprietary drivers. This is ultimately very urgent because those users with graphics chips and wireless cards that require proprietary/third-party drivers in order to function at all have useless installs until those driver issues are resolved. It's especially poignant for those that have no network because resolving the issue (with ubuntu-drivers) is impossible.

We're going to need:

  • a new module
  • a warning in the installer if no network is available
  • a list of common drivers to seed to ensure most folks, even without internet, are taken care of

This should be built with extensibility in mind as the module could be used for other things, such as allow for custom install options.

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I understand the issue with wireless drivers (Broadcom comes into mind) but graphic cards?
I mean if there are graphic chards drivers necessarily needed (ie nouveau doesn't work) calamares wouldn't start, am I wrong?
Besides Broadcom, any other drivers you are aware of?

@hmollercl you're probably right, but I've seen cases where live works but the install doesn't. In any case, I want to know what Ubuntu proper does so we can emulate that. You have any interest in digging into that quagmire?

I prefer to pass on this, not much time and I don't have problematic machines anymore to test. However, apparently there is a better solution for broadcom than it was before when I had the issue packaged in bcmwl-kernel-source.
Could we seed it?
apparently this(was?) is the ubuntu solution

If you do decide to do graphics drivers here's the PPA Canonical works on.

I wouldn't recommend installation of nvidia by default, I believe it can bring us more problems than benefits.
I'm dealing with nvidia, still is a pain, manually had to blacklist nouveau and fonts appear very small apparently because of dpi miss lecture and and when xorg.conf is created back screen appear