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Currently, the hosting appears to be non-Canonical, lending some credibility to the notion that may not be the official site (at least in light of Also, it would be super nice if we didn't have to worry about sysadmin stuff, especially with that security nightmare known as WordPress.

When the website hosting was no longer possible through phillw, we needed a new home and quickly. marcoceppi was kind enough to offer us a space and that's where we've been ever since. Since then, the ownership of the domain has been taken by Canonical and hosting is the last step.

At time of writing, RT#28510 (and 29820, which should be merged) is tracking this need.

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Can you please bump the RT whether it means pinging someone on IRC or just responding to it?

Bump, has the RT priority been raised?

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Yep. You should have received a copy of that I would have thought.

Subject: [ #28510] transfer, set up WordPress hosting
From: "Anthony Fappiano via RT" <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2018 02:19:37 +0000

I have given this ticket a significant bump in our queue. Unfortunately I am unable to provide a specific eta, but we will make every effort to get this done as soon as we can. Please let me know if you have any questions on this.



Five months later, where are we?

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alejdg on #canonical-sysadmin just told me they'd take a look at it and try to update.

@wxl Bump.

Have they updated the ticket yet? (I can't see emails.)

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