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A rather unconstructive user brought to my attention that Ark can't drag and drop everywhere. It seems that, in particular, it requires either code specific to the application it's DND'ing to or a dbus interface, if I understand things correctly. I've made a report in hopes that they might want to make sure they support all file managers, as I doubt LXQt will want to write code so specific to Ark which there is a general dislike of.

A push for a archiver solution that fit with LXQt led to the development of two packages:

  1. lxqt-archiver, developed by PCMan, and essentially a ported engrandma, which itself is a fork of the old file-roller we used with LXDE
  2. Arqiver, developed by tsujan which is fork of lumina-archiver. PCMan lauded its code quality and complained about how difficult it was to deal with the file-roller API

As it turns out, though both are being developed, lxqt-archiver was named as part of the LXQt project. There's initial packaging in Debian. However, it's not ready for prime time according to agaida. I tried to build it and couldn't get it to build. He said it's quite possible that a bunch of string fixes that recently landed could resolve these issues. Still, it's waiting on DND, so it doesn't solve our problem— yet.

Any other ideas?

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