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A rather unconstructive user brought to my attention that Ark can't drag and drop everywhere. It seems that, in particular, it requires either code specific to the application it's DND'ing to or a dbus interface, if I understand things correctly. I've made a report in hopes that they might want to make sure they support all file managers, as I doubt LXQt will want to write code so specific to Ark which there is a general dislike of.

A push for a archiver solution that fit with LXQt led to the development of two packages:

  1. lxqt-archiver, developed by PCMan, and essentially a ported engrandma, which itself is a fork of the old file-roller we used with LXDE
  2. Arqiver, developed by tsujan which is fork of lumina-archiver. PCMan lauded its code quality and complained about how difficult it was to deal with the file-roller API

As it turns out, though both are being developed, lxqt-archiver was named as part of the LXQt project. There's initial packaging in Debian. However, it's not ready for prime time according to agaida. I tried to build it and couldn't get it to build. He said it's quite possible that a bunch of string fixes that recently landed could resolve these issues. Still, it's waiting on DND, so it doesn't solve our problem— yet.

Any other ideas?

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wxl triaged this task as Normal priority.Jun 3 2019, 5:21 AM
wxl created this task.
tsimonq2 added a subscriber: apt-ghetto.

The first step here is getting it building in the CI.

I'm actually going to pass this one to @apt-ghetto since he's been doing the most CI work lately. Feel free to unassign yourself if you don't want to do it, but I'll give you first dibs. :)

The reason, why the stable lxqt-archiver build is failing is always the same:

+ uscan --download-current-version
uscan warn: In debian/watch no matching hrefs for version 0.0.96 in watch line .*/lxqt-archiver-([\d\.]+).tar.xz
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure

On there is no lxqt-archiver-0.0.96.tar.xz to download.

It looks like our [watch file]( is looking for lxqt-archiver-([\d\.]+).tar.xz which is necessarily excluding pre-releases according to the docs. We need something like opts=uversionmangle=s/(\d)[_\.\-\+]?((RC|rc|pre|dev|beta|alpha)\d*)$/$1~$2/ (warning: copypasta). I'm not sure on how to specify both uversionmangle and pgpsigurlmangle but I think it would just be

     "pgpsigurlmangle=s/$/.asc/" \ .*/lxqt-archiver-([\d\.]+).tar.xz

Perhaps this [watch file generator]( would help?

lxqt-archiver still FTBFS. On the other hand, Arqiver works great. Maybe we should switch our attention and see how it goes? It's now officially added to the libfm-qt archivers list.

Postponing to 20.04 because there is no new upstream release available.

lxqt-archiver was recently merged from Debian. Functionality should be tested and if suitable we should consider a switch.

@guiverc @Leok @KGIII it would be super helpful if you could test lxqt-archiver for functionality, especially as it relates to the functionality of ark. You'll need to install it. Note that you will also want to check how it integrates with pcmanfm-qt. In the settings you can change the archiver integration to lxqt-archiver. Drag and drop SHOULD be something that it should have that ark doesn't, but confirmation would be helpful.

Installed lxqt-archiver in Lubuntu 21.04 Hirsute build 20210227.1 live session and played with it for some time.Set the archiver intergration in pcmanfm-qt to lxqt-archiver.
Created archives in several different formats and tested drag and drop into pcmanfm-qt with no errors/problems.Tested opening archives from within pcmanfm-qt and lxqt-archiver opens without error. Looks good to me - will test further.

Actually reopening this because we should also ensure that any references to ark are swapped in rDEFAULTSETTINGS.