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help create marketing team and basic sop
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While I can't dedicate a lot of time, I don't mind assisting creating a framework that aligns with the goals and values of lubuntu team and assist with jump starting a team that can assist Simon with marketing.

Areas include:

  • A person for the Website (esp. blog)
  • A person for Mailing List (email marketing)
  • A person for Social Media Management
    • (with sub-divisions of individual platforms, e.g. twitter/youtube/linkedin etc

While it is easy to be "community facing" in the area of marketing, a special value that is almost always under utilized in FOSS projects is leveraging marketing efforts towards special targeting recruiting devs and other tracks for onboarding (e.g. graphic design, testing, etc).

Next Steps

  1. Informal call for those interested in marketing
  2. Creating a email sign up form on home page to take in fans of the project (this will be a pool of potential volunteers down the road).
  3. Pick tools that make this work easy for volunteers and collaboration (e.g. email marketing tool like mailchimp or odoo).

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profetik777 triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Jul 4 2019, 2:53 AM
profetik777 created this task.

Love this. Though I certainly don't mind dealing with these sorts of things, it would relieve a lot of time for me.

Would it be reasonable to imagine that these folks would not only be making announcements but also responding to questions as well? If they're not well equipped to answer a particular question, perhaps we could have a list of contacts regarding specific issues.

P.S. Don't forget about the forum/Discourse.

FYI - New project space created.

I think you mean #marketing_communications_team