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19.10 manual changes
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  1. Hashes and install links
  1. Screenshots needing updating

a. first boot desktop/live session
b. libreoffice
c. featherpad-text-pref.png
d. nobleNote all screenshots goodbye qt4
e. discover
f. pcmanfm-qt icon view

  1. network manager changes
  1. Update upgrading appendix.
  1. Version bump pass.
  1. Screengrab
  1. Featherpad Spellcheck
  1. Discover UI changes

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How's this coming along?

Still trying to make a list of all changes I need while revising common stuff in both 19.04 and 19.10.

lynorian updated the task description. (Show Details)

Any update on this @lynorian? You don't really have a time limit here, but just know that master gets deployed on release day, so you might consider polishing from here. Up to you, just making you aware of what's going on.