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Better Menu Icons
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There are some applications in the menu that doesn't look good, they are using only one color icon and with e-papirpus icon theme they end grey over black (with normal papirus is black over black and with dakr papirus white over black but it breajs othe rthings like pcmanfm-qt icons whichare light over light).
This are: Lxqt-about, Qlipper, Screenshot, Skanlite, Printers, Input Method, Keyboard and Mouse

Some of them could be easily be changed, for example, lxqt-about is using help-about, we could change it to hwinfo (in the .desktop in /user/share/applications)

But, skanlite and printers although there icons skanlite.svg and cups.svg are colorfull, in the menu they look monochrome, like "Symbolic" icons.
So, questions:
1.- Anyone knows how this work, that some colorfull svg icons when used in the menu are monochrome?
2.- Coudl we as a dsitribution change the without affecting others?

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we could via xdg put the modified .desktops in ~/.local/share/applications they prevale over the ones in user/share/applications so we don't modify the icons for the other versions.

Ealing this as info. I tried all the combinatiosn I figured out in
none wroked for me to change lxqt-about icon.
The only that worked at this moment is putting a .desktop in ./local/share/applications that uses another icon

I advise consulting the Freedesktop mailing list and see if we can get some more clarity on how to make the override on a per icon basis.

So, papirus won't make the change because this "devices" (scanner, printer, desktop) icons in 16x16 are sometimes used in file manager.
So we have to fix it on our own.
The easiest solution is to crete the same .desktop via xdg in ~/.local/share/applications but with different icons.
Those .desktop override the ones in /usr/share/applications.

Here are the .desktop if someone want to try, remember to put it in ~/.local/share/applications/ and restart the panel

changes are:
for skanlite instead of Icon=scanner:

for system-config-printer instead of Icon=printer:

for about lxqt instead of Icon=help-about:

For this one we could put the defined icon in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/...

Dumb question and maybe @tsimonq2 can help here. We usually install to system directories rather than users. How do we install this and how can we guarantee everyone will have it? /etc/skel???

mmm, I thought there was xdg for that, like xdg/autostart, but apparently it isn't...

puting the .desktops in /usr/share/Lubuntu/applications/ worked!! (XDG_DATA_DIRS/applications/)
Here are all the .desktop I modified in a zip. Could you please tell me what you think before uploading them?