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guiverc humpty
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Fri, Jun 24, 1:57 PM
lynorianrMANUALe9f14a976503: Fix preferences-security typo in filenameThu, Jun 23, 7:14 PM
lynorianrMANUAL3795a60d473b: Fix typo in preferneceshomeThu, Jun 23, 7:13 PM
lynorianrMANUALdda01180dd20: Fix more typos with preferences in screenshot filenamesThu, Jun 23, 7:09 PM
lynorianrMANUALa03b7bf7b872: Spellcheck lxqt-panelThu, Jun 23, 6:45 PM
lynorianrMANUAL453f54c98c30: Add scroll down mousewheel running a commandWed, Jun 22, 1:54 AM
lynorianrMANUAL5ea568525f03: Add click field for custom commandWed, Jun 22, 1:48 AM
lynorianrMANUALb14d9c5816be: Add max width fieldWed, Jun 22, 1:42 AM
lynorianrMANUAL00adb98b5d69: Add repeat checkboxWed, Jun 22, 1:36 AM
lynorianrMANUAL27c49e383f54: Add bash -c checkboxWed, Jun 22, 1:27 AM
lynorianrMANUALffea4c5b1adb: Add how to actually enter a commandWed, Jun 22, 1:19 AM
lynorianrMANUAL4bfa4ced2b51: Add font button for custom commandWed, Jun 22, 1:14 AM
lynorianrMANUAL2bf021da0c6e: Add autorotate checkbox to cusstom commandWed, Jun 22, 1:12 AM
lynorianrMANUAL746a823d60b0: Add how to configure custom commandWed, Jun 22, 1:04 AM
lynorianrMANUALbbdae75b675e: Order non-default applets aplphabetically and fix capitlizationWed, Jun 22, 12:51 AM
lynorianrMANUALd54b3822bfff: add Custom Command to list of applets not included in defaultWed, Jun 22, 12:49 AM
lynorianrMANUAL023b831321bb: Fix capitlization on other applets in panelWed, Jun 22, 12:43 AM
lynorianrMANUAL555e769fae4d: Fix Task Manager capitlizationWed, Jun 22, 12:39 AM
lynorianrMANUALb23c5d39d0d6: Add control drag and drop to quick launchWed, Jun 22, 12:36 AM
lynorianrMANUAL79d414f0d8ad: Fix customize button descriptionWed, Jun 22, 12:33 AM
lynorianrMANUAL4190d435b171: Add tab to widget wordingWed, Jun 22, 12:21 AM
lynorianrMANUALd5e78b0c8449: Update bluedevil version numberTue, Jun 21, 9:41 PM
lynorianrMANUAL8fcfcbdfef8b: update discover version numberTue, Jun 21, 9:38 PM
lynorianrMANUAL9500475617cf: Make description now placemment tabSat, Jun 18, 9:55 PM
lynorianrMANUAL2d2bdc3ec7ec: Add tab name for styling tabSat, Jun 18, 9:53 PM
lynorianrMANUAL095f36b44ebf: Add on the taskbar to paagraph on layeSat, Jun 18, 9:42 PM
lynorianrMANUAL6a2767c7472a: Add nondefault widgets to top section of panelSat, Jun 18, 9:28 PM
lynorianrMANUAL2b8c5c55e957: Remove extra space in lxqt-panelSat, Jun 18, 9:24 PM
lynorianrMANUALec54e0021135: Move extracting and compressing files to own sectionSat, Jun 18, 9:20 PM
lynorianrMANUAL1cefb1ac6773: Remove extra spaceSat, Jun 18, 9:15 PM
lynorianrMANUAL71096ae8538e: Add switch to new tabs checkboxSat, Jun 18, 9:10 PM
lynorianrMANUAL2448beca7048: Fix capitlization of show icons shaodowedSat, Jun 18, 9:04 PM
lynorianrMANUAL856f2319aefb: Make full file names real file namesSat, Jun 18, 9:01 PM
lynorianrMANUAL4a5baf0c02a2: Add number of recent files to pcmanfm-qt prefrencesSat, Jun 18, 8:54 PM
lynorianrMANUAL740434a0cb4d: Make Bookmarks menu say bookmarks menuSat, Jun 18, 8:49 PM
lynorianrMANUALb240822874de: Spellcheck pcmanfm-qtSat, Jun 18, 8:46 PM
lynorianrMANUAL9f9de36c3136: More networking checkbox up as it appears in the uiSat, Jun 18, 7:51 PM
lynorianrMANUAL20cd8d871c46: Fix capitlization of QterminalSat, Jun 18, 7:47 PM
lynorianrMANUAL60ca6c31c63a: Remove forward arrow that no longer existsSat, Jun 18, 7:36 PM
lynorianrMANUAL89889ad5b38b: Fix capitilization of Copy SelectionFri, Jun 17, 10:32 PM
lynorianrMANUAL49278ea513bc: Update qterminal version numberFri, Jun 17, 10:22 PM
lynorianrMANUAL81f31847c87b: Update bluedevil version numberFri, Jun 17, 7:53 PM
lynorianrMANUAL7bf2367391bb: Update discover version numberFri, Jun 17, 7:46 PM
lynorianrMANUAL98862f7be5de: Fix yikes typo in filenameThu, Jun 16, 7:22 PM
lynorianrMANUAL13e89461ca56: spellcheck desktop notificationsThu, Jun 16, 7:07 PM
lynorianrMANUAL05987ca9fe9d: Spellcheck appearanceThu, Jun 16, 7:05 PM
lynorianrMANUAL186f65167f1a: Move tab history to paragraph with other tab actionThu, Jun 16, 6:28 PM
lynorianrMANUAL6d13b3a5c891: Add save position checkboxThu, Jun 16, 6:19 PM
lynorianrMANUAL98eac594d693: Add loses focus checkboxThu, Jun 16, 6:02 PM
lynorianrMANUAL5f815e7c351a: Add Add to desktop context from lxqt-panelTue, Jun 14, 10:50 PM
lynorianrMANUAL4b9fc272f354: Add clear emblem buttonTue, Jun 14, 10:37 PM
lynorianrMANUAL3fc50956680e: Add emblem to pcmanfm-qtTue, Jun 14, 10:26 PM
lynorianrMANUAL5dc66b35281e: Add toggling hiding the side paneTue, Jun 14, 10:12 PM
lynorianrMANUAL123e08871588: Add disable smooth scrolling checkboxTue, Jun 14, 9:59 PM
lynorianrMANUAL51510e15a0f9: Add new tab by double clicking on the tabTue, Jun 14, 9:01 PM
lynorianrMANUALa0923c8230d0: Launch openbox settings in menu not in lxqt settings anymoreTue, Jun 14, 8:48 PM
arraybolt3SSH Key 49
arraybolt3 updated the public key material for this SSH key. 
Mon, Jun 13, 7:20 PM
arraybolt3SSH Key 49
arraybolt3 created this key. 
Mon, Jun 13, 7:20 PM
arraybolt3SSH Key 49
arraybolt3 renamed this key from "" to "developmentkey". 
Mon, Jun 13, 7:20 PM
kc2bezrCALASETTINGSe46a3a2c1366: Upload to kinetic.Sun, Jun 12, 6:45 PM
kc2bezrCALASETTINGS07b528bb8e22: Fix typo in desktop file for Lubuntu.Sun, Jun 12, 6:45 PM
tsimonq2rSEEDf9fd31855a6a: Add xdg-desktop-portal-lxqt to the seed.Sat, Jun 11, 8:15 PM
tsimonq2rSEED37123914ba41: We already ship Vim by default, let's add curl too.Sat, Jun 11, 8:13 PM
kc2bezrCALASETTINGSee0e98343a65: Upload to kinetic.Sat, Jun 11, 8:07 PM
kc2bezrCALASETTINGS4d5aa76d0550: Point to the right log file now that we start as root.Sat, Jun 11, 7:58 PM
kc2bezrCALASETTINGS8f36ff486f07: Adjust lubuntu desktop file for pkexec.Sat, Jun 11, 7:56 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGS02c9e568637b: Changelog.Sat, Jun 11, 3:07 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGSc6932db7fa5b: Fixed contextual and shell processes for Ubuntu Studio.Sat, Jun 11, 3:03 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGS6d64aa40f725: Moved config from fstab.conf to mount.conf for Calamares 3.3.0 compatibility.Sat, Jun 11, 3:03 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGS5af9ce3a067f: Updated changelogSat, Jun 11, 3:03 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGS8e4dd6ab5c29: Fixed release nameSat, Jun 11, 3:03 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGSe69a6b1b9903: Actually fixed contextual and shell processes.Sat, Jun 11, 3:03 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGSfe2836510632: Modified users.conf for Calamares 3.3.0 compatibility.Sat, Jun 11, 3:03 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGSa1e074d8c72f: Changed deprecated "symlink" to "dbus-symlink".Sat, Jun 11, 3:03 PM
lynorianrMANUALc6376d713150: Add icon for power managementFri, Jun 10, 11:00 PM
lynorianrMANUALae42e8698b1b: Fix btrfs tutorial linkFri, Jun 10, 10:45 PM
lynorianrMANUAL900486fdb3ee: Fix libreoffice tutorial linkFri, Jun 10, 10:44 PM
lynorianrMANUALf36306a7de14: Remove uneeded spaces from power managementFri, Jun 10, 10:40 PM
lynorianrMANUAL8fbe74a8a6c0: Add example to locale settingsFri, Jun 10, 10:38 PM
lynorianrMANUAL27df5b6ccfe5: Add size of cursor field to inputFri, Jun 10, 10:31 PM
lynorianrMANUAL3dc369744486: Update file associations version numberFri, Jun 10, 10:23 PM
lynorianrMANUAL2271d1ae0282: Add notifications on screen with the mouse checkboxFri, Jun 10, 10:20 PM
lynorianrMANUALcf6c92f28eb8: Add do not disturb checkboxFri, Jun 10, 10:17 PM
lynorianrMANUAL370de849d4af: Move Position tab down to new positionFri, Jun 10, 10:13 PM
lynorianrMANUAL671ec08f2966: Change to general settings tabFri, Jun 10, 10:12 PM
lynorianrMANUAL8e1470abf1d3: Add Preview button to popup notificationsFri, Jun 10, 10:08 PM
lynorianrMANUAL03769d75e14b: Change tab name to positionFri, Jun 10, 10:05 PM
lynorianrMANUALd3e8332e90a3: Add make all items stick checkboxFri, Jun 10, 9:57 PM
lynorianrMANUALda195dc49e73: Add open folders checkbox to desktopFri, Jun 10, 9:54 PM
lynorianrMANUAL79c39402fb45: Add GTK Style tabFri, Jun 10, 9:42 PM
lynorianrMANUAL99e9d2d00b6f: Copypasta gtk style into own paragraph as it has movedFri, Jun 10, 9:40 PM
lynorianrMANUAL3e5b0cf6aa25: Add size field for cursorFri, Jun 10, 9:30 PM
lynorianrMANUAL5217602bc751: Remove gtk options removed in lxqt-config-appearanceFri, Jun 10, 9:15 PM
lynorianrMANUAL5781118b6489: Update pcmanfm-qt version numberFri, Jun 10, 9:10 PM
lynorianrMANUAL6526c056a1f6: Add load palette buttonFri, Jun 10, 5:22 AM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGSdf7f7abf4e95: Update settings for Calamares 3.3.Wed, Jun 8, 11:50 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGSa3b7c93bc511: Moved mount options from fstab.conf to mount.conf for Calamares 3.3.0…Wed, Jun 8, 11:47 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGS332dcf71a446: Changed contextual processes and shell processes as needed to support new…Wed, Jun 8, 11:47 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGS9efa3a5d5490: Added a warning about a potential future breaking change.Wed, Jun 8, 11:47 PM
tsimonq2rCALASETTINGS1c4b1818332b: Modified for compatibility with Calamares 3.3.0 (changed userShell option)Wed, Jun 8, 11:47 PM