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Sep 18 2018, 6:48 PM (7 w, 6 d)

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kc2bez requested review of D43: Fix typos in lxqt-sudo sub-chapter.
Mon, Nov 12, 7:58 PM


kc2bez created T166: Package update notification in the S1 Public space.
Sun, Nov 11, 10:50 AM · Release Management, Development Team

Sat, Nov 10

kc2bez added a comment to T158: Define a Mission for Lubuntu.

I don't have too much I can add beyond what has already been said here. Excellent points have been made by everyone.

Sat, Nov 10, 6:22 PM

Thu, Nov 8

kc2bez added a comment to E14: Lubuntu Team Standup.

I will be traveling for work and may not be back in time.

Thu, Nov 8, 7:22 PM
kc2bez declined E14: Lubuntu Team Standup.
Thu, Nov 8, 7:22 PM

Wed, Nov 7

kc2bez added a comment to T161: Samba doesn't work.

I use it almost daily in pcmanfm-qt. smb://yourserver.domain in the address bar seems to get it done.

Wed, Nov 7, 7:37 PM · QA
kc2bez added a comment to T160: Automatically sign into the captive portal.

+1 on using standard HTTP.
If HTTPS is used, you will end up with certificate errors on most captive portals since the cert of the desired site won't match the captive portal.

Wed, Nov 7, 6:22 PM · Development Team

Mon, Nov 5

kc2bez added a comment to T144: Port over "additional drivers" tab from software-properties-gtk to -qt.

There is a .desktop file already in /usr/share/applications/software-properties-qt.desktop It is set to NoDisplay=true Perhaps if we changed it to OnlyShowIn=LXQt

Mon, Nov 5, 7:01 PM · Release Management

Thu, Nov 1

kc2bez added a comment to T135: patch qtwebkit so Trojitá emails display correctly.

I have tested this patch and plaintext emails now display properly. I have tested this on a 64bit machine (bare metal). Is there another platform I should check before I comment on the LP bug?

Thu, Nov 1, 6:41 PM · Development Team
kc2bez added a comment to T154: Fix shortcuts related to Super key.

It should be further noted that the Super that was used for the menu was the left one. The right Super functions normally as far as Openbox. Not every keyboard has a right Super however. I think we will still want to make sure the bindings match in the end.

Thu, Nov 1, 6:04 PM · Development Team, Release Management

Sun, Oct 28

kc2bez requested review of D41: Add screenshot for bluedevil add clarity to pairing.
Sun, Oct 28, 4:17 PM

Tue, Oct 23

kc2bez added a comment to T61: Our xscreensaver theme is too old.

I take back everything bad I said about xscreensaver, it isn't all that bad. As @wxl pointed out we just didn't add some of the better ones. If you have the resources the GL ones are really nice. In addition to adding cool screensavers, the lockscreen could use a touch up. From my research it isn't likely that we would be want to use the Qt toolkit to theme it but we can manipulate the color scheme (quote from linked page: " it's easy to tweak it by simply editing the colors and border sizes in the app-defaults file"). I think we should point the ` imageDirectory: ` setting to a folder that has an image in it. Any image really as long as it isn't the colorbars with flames on it.

Tue, Oct 23, 8:19 PM · Artwork and Design

Mon, Oct 15

kc2bez requested review of D35: minor typo edits.
Mon, Oct 15, 7:21 PM

Oct 6 2018

kc2bez is attending E7: Lubuntu Team Standup.
Oct 6 2018, 6:56 AM · Meta

Sep 20 2018

kc2bez added a comment to T59: Investigate Bluetooth Fun.

Something further will be needed unless you can at the very least remove devices and change the profile of the devices using the systray app. The wizard only allows for pairing devices ( a great first step) and the sendfile only allows for sending files to connected devices.

Sep 20 2018, 11:59 AM · QA

Sep 18 2018

kc2bez added a comment to T59: Investigate Bluetooth Fun.

pulseaudio-module-bluetooth requires a restart of pulseaudio after installing. After a computer restart I am now able to connect all 3 of my devices. Currently I have no way to change my headset to a A2DP device, still investigating that.

Sep 18 2018, 8:51 PM · QA
kc2bez added a comment to T59: Investigate Bluetooth Fun.

Bluetooth devices have mixed results. I was able to successfully pair a an apple bluetooth keyboard and a logitech travel mouse.
I was unsuccessful when trying to pair an audio headset (mpow branded). I did install the puleaudio-module-bluetooth package.
pastebin link here

Sep 18 2018, 7:09 PM · QA