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  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Mar 12 2019, 6:33 PM (55 w, 21 h)

Recent Activity


lynorian committed rMANUALf93ec930db44: Update split_view.png (authored by lynorian).
Update split_view.png
Wed, Apr 1, 2:24 AM
lynorian committed rMANUAL42caa3f46f3e: Update bulk-rename.png (authored by lynorian).
Update bulk-rename.png
Wed, Apr 1, 1:59 AM
lynorian committed rMANUAL6db6197c0c31: Update file-prop-perms.png (authored by lynorian).
Update file-prop-perms.png
Wed, Apr 1, 1:56 AM
lynorian committed rMANUAL4b86b9425082: Update file-prop.png (authored by lynorian).
Update file-prop.png
Wed, Apr 1, 1:55 AM


lynorian committed rMANUALbcad2e9512df: Update ARK.png (authored by lynorian).
Update ARK.png
Tue, Mar 31, 6:48 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL60706e380973: Update ark-prop.png (authored by lynorian).
Update ark-prop.png
Tue, Mar 31, 6:43 PM

Mon, Mar 30

lynorian committed rMANUALf7d1a7a0f09f: Fix spelling (authored by lynorian).
Fix spelling
Mon, Mar 30, 9:04 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL042a2f303b9e: Update Featherpad-spellcheck.png (authored by lynorian).
Update Featherpad-spellcheck.png
Mon, Mar 30, 9:00 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL3f5a098875f5: Update featherpad.png (authored by lynorian).
Update featherpad.png
Mon, Mar 30, 8:45 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL55eec698aaa2: Update qpdfview-print.png (authored by lynorian).
Update qpdfview-print.png
Mon, Mar 30, 7:37 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALe9b084d8b285: Update qpdfview.pdf (authored by lynorian).
Update qpdfview.pdf
Mon, Mar 30, 7:11 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL449a6c1a7ae2: Update firefox-downloads.png (authored by lynorian).
Update firefox-downloads.png
Mon, Mar 30, 6:16 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALae38cd78a9a8: Update prefrenceshome.png (authored by lynorian).
Update prefrenceshome.png
Mon, Mar 30, 5:25 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL51569ce0c17a: Update firefox-screenshot.png (authored by lynorian).
Update firefox-screenshot.png
Mon, Mar 30, 4:51 PM

Sun, Mar 29

lynorian committed rMANUAL5ee040a2c782: Update libreoffice version (authored by lynorian).
Update libreoffice version
Sun, Mar 29, 7:32 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL26e764cf5fc3: Fix capitlization thanks rudra Ball (authored by lynorian).
Fix capitlization thanks rudra Ball
Sun, Mar 29, 2:34 AM
lynorian committed rMANUAL783f644b0902: Fix capitlization thanks rudra Ball (authored by lynorian).
Fix capitlization thanks rudra Ball
Sun, Mar 29, 2:33 AM
lynorian committed rMANUAL792f11014065: Update localc version (authored by lynorian).
Update localc version
Sun, Mar 29, 1:03 AM
lynorian committed rMANUAL761208b9eaa5: Update loimpress version (authored by lynorian).
Update loimpress version
Sun, Mar 29, 1:01 AM
lynorian committed rMANUAL15db146e2de4: Update lomath version (authored by lynorian).
Update lomath version
Sun, Mar 29, 12:59 AM
lynorian committed rMANUALc7f995cfb4c3: Update lowriter (authored by lynorian).
Update lowriter
Sun, Mar 29, 12:57 AM

Fri, Mar 27

lynorian committed rMANUAL1a2928a1f951: Update kde_partitionmanager.png (authored by lynorian).
Update kde_partitionmanager.png
Fri, Mar 27, 10:47 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALa0eac4b07b52: Update bluedevil version (authored by lynorian).
Update bluedevil version
Fri, Mar 27, 6:02 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL8e8fc7ca2ea8: Add trojita bring window up from tray icon (authored by lynorian).
Add trojita bring window up from tray icon
Fri, Mar 27, 5:31 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALc579f25b1117: Add field to improve wording (authored by lynorian).
Add field to improve wording
Fri, Mar 27, 5:25 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALaa3fa10e1bfb: Update torjita-compose.png (authored by lynorian).
Update torjita-compose.png
Fri, Mar 27, 12:16 AM

Thu, Mar 26

lynorian committed rMANUAL6f8d282a2685: Update trojita-offfline.png (authored by lynorian).
Update trojita-offfline.png
Thu, Mar 26, 5:37 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALa68efedb8ecc: Update torjita.png (authored by lynorian).
Update torjita.png
Thu, Mar 26, 5:32 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL0900c8095808: Update IMAP-SMTP.png (authored by lynorian).
Update IMAP-SMTP.png
Thu, Mar 26, 5:18 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL0b216d8c6ac1: Update IMAP_settings.png (authored by lynorian).
Update IMAP_settings.png
Thu, Mar 26, 5:04 PM

Wed, Mar 25

lynorian committed rMANUAL5c506e3f06a0: Update prop-access-control.png (authored by lynorian).
Update prop-access-control.png
Wed, Mar 25, 11:53 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALdcae66c7f1da: Update prop-policies.png (authored by lynorian).
Update prop-policies.png
Wed, Mar 25, 11:49 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALb4ffcf801f1d: Update prop-settings.png (authored by lynorian).
Update prop-settings.png
Wed, Mar 25, 11:48 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL4bc7e727501c: Update compton_conf_fade.png (authored by lynorian).
Update compton_conf_fade.png
Wed, Mar 25, 6:48 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALa8c14ae63d4f: Update window_effects.png (authored by lynorian).
Update window_effects.png
Wed, Mar 25, 6:45 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALfe9c76cfe7e0: Update compton_conf_opacity.png (authored by lynorian).
Update compton_conf_opacity.png
Wed, Mar 25, 6:38 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALf2cc6e623b31: Update shortcut_keys.png (authored by lynorian).
Update shortcut_keys.png
Wed, Mar 25, 6:32 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL7129ff5bab8d: Inline updates tab sources screenshot (authored by lynorian).
Inline updates tab sources screenshot
Wed, Mar 25, 3:10 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL0ac5d21dd073: Update desktop-advanced.png (authored by lynorian).
Update desktop-advanced.png
Wed, Mar 25, 1:49 AM
lynorian committed rMANUALfc14533f171d: Update slideshow-desktop.png (authored by lynorian).
Update slideshow-desktop.png
Wed, Mar 25, 1:36 AM
lynorian committed rMANUALbbe995103b77: Update desktop-font.png (authored by lynorian).
Update desktop-font.png
Wed, Mar 25, 1:27 AM
lynorian committed rMANUAL1b5ac5e58766: Update kde-partition-colors.png (authored by lynorian).
Update kde-partition-colors.png
Wed, Mar 25, 1:24 AM
lynorian committed rMANUAL86093f8e652b: Update qterminal-pref-behavior.png (authored by lynorian).
Update qterminal-pref-behavior.png
Wed, Mar 25, 1:15 AM

Tue, Mar 24

lynorian committed rMANUALc87320ae6a3b: Update panel-spacer.png (authored by lynorian).
Update panel-spacer.png
Tue, Mar 24, 7:07 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL1623d654ab39: Update CPU-load-settings.png (authored by lynorian).
Update CPU-load-settings.png
Tue, Mar 24, 7:04 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL4b2860f14552: Update muon-shortcuts (authored by lynorian).
Update muon-shortcuts
Tue, Mar 24, 6:43 PM

Mon, Mar 23

lynorian committed rMANUAL7799f686b7c2: Update muon-toolbar.png (authored by lynorian).
Update muon-toolbar.png
Mon, Mar 23, 10:21 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL063feff35563: Update discover_screen.png (authored by lynorian).
Update discover_screen.png
Mon, Mar 23, 9:23 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALb131dc06206b: Update discover-installed.png (authored by lynorian).
Update discover-installed.png
Mon, Mar 23, 2:16 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALacc36834dcd8: update update-authentication.png (authored by lynorian).
update update-authentication.png
Mon, Mar 23, 2:14 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL26f03633c73a: Update vlc-fiile-open.png (authored by lynorian).
Update vlc-fiile-open.png
Mon, Mar 23, 1:56 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALc83e8ad4dc4a: Update vlc-networkopen.png (authored by lynorian).
Update vlc-networkopen.png
Mon, Mar 23, 1:43 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL6d574586641b: Update featherpad-shortcuts.png (authored by lynorian).
Update featherpad-shortcuts.png
Mon, Mar 23, 1:37 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL398c328c6984: Update arknewaarchive.png (authored by lynorian).
Update arknewaarchive.png
Mon, Mar 23, 1:28 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALfa117a5d9bd3: Update ark-language.png (authored by lynorian).
Update ark-language.png
Mon, Mar 23, 1:22 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL05cc6b6dd5e0: Update ark-shortcut-config.png (authored by lynorian).
Update ark-shortcut-config.png
Mon, Mar 23, 1:20 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL6958a6f3aa26: Update ark-plugin-settings.png (authored by lynorian).
Update ark-plugin-settings.png
Mon, Mar 23, 1:17 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL0ac76cc22f81: Add numerical base preview (authored by lynorian).
Add numerical base preview
Mon, Mar 23, 1:12 PM

Sun, Mar 22

lynorian committed rMANUALb01053d315fa: Update kde-partitioon-pref.png (authored by lynorian).
Update kde-partitioon-pref.png
Sun, Mar 22, 4:17 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL26ae50f81ac9: Update ScreenGrab-shortcuts.png (authored by lynorian).
Update ScreenGrab-shortcuts.png
Sun, Mar 22, 2:54 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL287097ae19bf: Update ScreenGrab-systray.png (authored by lynorian).
Update ScreenGrab-systray.png
Sun, Mar 22, 2:52 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL212d4559c0e7: Update Screengrab-advanced.png (authored by lynorian).
Update Screengrab-advanced.png
Sun, Mar 22, 2:45 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALf6f64e5b0c24: Update Screengrab-Main.png (authored by lynorian).
Update Screengrab-Main.png
Sun, Mar 22, 2:42 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL452e3e58287d: Update screengrab.png (authored by lynorian).
Update screengrab.png
Sun, Mar 22, 2:32 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL9a30997f10c5: Update lximage-prefrences.png (authored by lynorian).
Update lximage-prefrences.png
Sun, Mar 22, 2:25 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL28ea024fff1e: Update LXImage.png (authored by lynorian).
Update LXImage.png
Sun, Mar 22, 2:20 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALf7adeda6b828: Update lximage_upload.png (authored by lynorian).
Update lximage_upload.png
Sun, Mar 22, 2:17 PM

Sat, Mar 21

lynorian committed rMANUALd1e93b9fc638: Update quassel-shortcut-keys.png (authored by lynorian).
Update quassel-shortcut-keys.png
Sat, Mar 21, 9:27 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALae8c3ac20ebb: Update notificationsettings.png (authored by lynorian).
Update notificationsettings.png
Sat, Mar 21, 9:25 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALa0ac083e8a0c: Update quassel-pref-highlights.png (authored by lynorian).
Update quassel-pref-highlights.png
Sat, Mar 21, 9:23 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALa4898d410d34: Update quassel-spellcheck.png (authored by lynorian).
Update quassel-spellcheck.png
Sat, Mar 21, 9:20 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL71a078cd0892: Update quassel-input-widget.png (authored by lynorian).
Update quassel-input-widget.png
Sat, Mar 21, 8:08 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALb639adb7b5f3: Update quassel-chat-nick-list.png (authored by lynorian).
Update quassel-chat-nick-list.png
Sat, Mar 21, 8:05 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL2ca43e68a073: Update chat-view-colors.png (authored by lynorian).
Update chat-view-colors.png
Sat, Mar 21, 8:02 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL9c055c352921: Update quasselpref.png (authored by lynorian).
Update quasselpref.png
Sat, Mar 21, 7:52 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALde25dde74eae: Update quassel-pref-interface.png (authored by lynorian).
Update quassel-pref-interface.png
Sat, Mar 21, 7:48 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALc1138b455756: Update quassel_irc.png (authored by lynorian).
Update quassel_irc.png
Sat, Mar 21, 7:46 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL92ba9372146d: Update qtransimission-desktop-pref.png (authored by lynorian).
Update qtransimission-desktop-pref.png
Sat, Mar 21, 7:42 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL07435c24b9dc: Update qtransmission-network-pref.png (authored by lynorian).
Update qtransmission-network-pref.png
Sat, Mar 21, 7:35 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL725157115aea: Update transsmissionprefrences.png (authored by lynorian).
Update transsmissionprefrences.png
Sat, Mar 21, 7:32 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL43851a7ea92b: Update qtransmission-speed-pref.png (authored by lynorian).
Update qtransmission-speed-pref.png
Sat, Mar 21, 7:30 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL89350d63f70e: update transmission.png (authored by lynorian).
update transmission.png
Sat, Mar 21, 7:27 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL447897acf424: Update transmission main window (authored by lynorian).
Update transmission main window
Sat, Mar 21, 7:25 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL844bb5c9b352: Update sensors-config.png (authored by lynorian).
Update sensors-config.png
Sat, Mar 21, 3:54 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL543c8a699ab3: Update removable-media-settings.png (authored by lynorian).
Update removable-media-settings.png
Sat, Mar 21, 3:31 PM

Fri, Mar 20

lynorian committed rMANUAL8f26c0805877: Update clock-custom.png (authored by lynorian).
Update clock-custom.png
Fri, Mar 20, 4:05 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALb36c56a4cdb1: Update volume-app-pref.png (authored by lynorian).
Update volume-app-pref.png
Fri, Mar 20, 4:02 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL06700e8b1ea0: Update taskmanager-config.png (authored by lynorian).
Update taskmanager-config.png
Fri, Mar 20, 4:00 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALa009431e25ed: Update desktop-switch.png (authored by lynorian).
Update desktop-switch.png
Fri, Mar 20, 3:58 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL2861b8311d5d: Update menu-pref.png (authored by lynorian).
Update menu-pref.png
Fri, Mar 20, 3:48 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL14ae5881f622: Update panel-config-widgets.png (authored by lynorian).
Update panel-config-widgets.png
Fri, Mar 20, 3:42 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL6c9bd18b8f42: Update widget-add.png (authored by lynorian).
Update widget-add.png
Fri, Mar 20, 3:40 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL44e4e743426e: Update lxqt-panel-config.png (authored by lynorian).
Update lxqt-panel-config.png
Fri, Mar 20, 3:38 PM
lynorian committed rMANUALdbeb2b513da4: Update sources-auth.png (authored by lynorian).
Update sources-auth.png
Fri, Mar 20, 3:33 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL69206c3c758d: Update software_sources.png (authored by lynorian).
Update software_sources.png
Fri, Mar 20, 3:31 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL73228d5c9d1b: Update other-software-sources.png (authored by lynorian).
Update other-software-sources.png
Fri, Mar 20, 3:27 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL33be01533343: Update ubuntu_software-tab.png (authored by lynorian).
Update ubuntu_software-tab.png
Fri, Mar 20, 3:23 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL666b4b826c1e: Update muon-pref.png (authored by lynorian).
Update muon-pref.png
Fri, Mar 20, 3:00 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL25569407c537: update muon.png (authored by lynorian).
update muon.png
Fri, Mar 20, 2:58 PM
lynorian committed rMANUAL4c08f3386d29: Update muon-history.png (authored by lynorian).
Update muon-history.png
Fri, Mar 20, 2:55 PM