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  • Clear sailing ahead.

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May 12 2019, 7:24 PM (9 w, 6 d)

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Jun 13 2019

miker256 added a comment to T29: Native nm-tray connection editor.

Hi @hmollercl, I'll take a look at it.

Jun 13 2019, 11:21 PM · Development Team

May 14 2019

miker256 added a comment to T68: provide a solution for installing third-party/proprietary drivers.

If you do decide to do graphics drivers here's the PPA Canonical works on.

May 14 2019, 12:56 AM · Development Team

May 13 2019

miker256 added a comment to T76: need new looks.

I think looks-wise the login screen needs a bit of an update(provided screen of 19.04 login screen). Simple changes like centering the user login and making the bar on top a darker color and 2px thinner would make the login screen a bit more complete appearance wise.

May 13 2019, 5:29 PM · Development Team
miker256 added a comment to T27: Get Raspberry Pi images on the official infrastructure.

Does that mean integrating Raspberry Pi kernel fixes to the Lubuntu Pi images?

May 13 2019, 5:23 PM · Development Team
miker256 added a comment to T78: Port Redshift From Gtk To Qt.

There's project called Redshift-Plasmoid which adjusts and configures screen luminosity depending on your surroundings, using Redshift. Though, the project has not been updated in about 2 years.

May 13 2019, 5:18 PM