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Changed connection editor to nm-connection-editor

Authored by hmollercl on Thu, Jul 4, 2:10 PM.


Changed connection editor to nm-connection-editor

Summary: Changed connection editor to nm-connection-editor from network-manager-gnome

Test Plan: check if nm-tray open nm-connection-editor instead of nmtui

Reviewers: wxl, tsimonq2

Reviewed By: wxl, tsimonq2

Subscribers: hmollercl

Differential Revision: https://phab.lubuntu.me/D16


wxlThu, Jul 4, 2:11 PM
wxlThu, Jul 4, 2:11 PM
Differential Revision
D16: Changed connection editor to nm-connection-editor
rNMTRAYPACKAGING5458d6d4f05d: Upload to Cosmic.
HEAD -> ubuntu/eoan, tag: ubuntu/0.4.1-0ubuntu2, ci/unstable, ci/stable

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wxl added a subscriber: wxl.EditedTue, Jul 9, 6:48 PM

Oh no! I just realized there's a problem with this: we need to make network-manager-gnome a dependency in debian/control! Perhaps better to call it a recommend as it's supposedly a "pure Qt application" according to the description. At least this will be important for non-Lubuntu users of the package.

One other thing: the referenced bug is a duplicate. It should be:

I don't get it.
the patch is only for us, right? Or it is for whole ubuntu?


wxl added a comment.Wed, Jul 10, 12:59 PM

Nope. Everything we put in the archive affects anyone that installs it. Every package is available to everyone.

So, I wanted to change debian/control to add network-manager-gnome as recommended and I found out that debian/control for nm-tray is different in sid that in our phab? The difference I'm pointing out is the "depends" on sid there is network-manager and qterminal, in phab none.

wxl added a comment.Sun, Jul 21, 5:17 PM

Since we have changed nm-tray to use nm-connection-editor instead of nm-tui, it's not relevant to depend on a terminal; otherwise it would make sense.

As for the network-manager dependency, I think this is resolved by depending on libkf5networkmanagerqt-dev. Unfortunately, that's an erroneous depend as that's a build depend not a runtime one. That should probably be fixed. On the other hand, it's also not relevant where we have a dependency on network-manager-gnome.

wxl added a subscriber: tsimonq2.Sun, Jul 21, 5:19 PM

Part of me wonders if we shouldn't actually reverse all these changes and leave nm-tray as it is and instead use conman like upstream suggests. @tsimonq2 seems to be against it but it's not clear why.