Lubuntu's Contributor Guide
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Welcome to Lubuntu's Contributor Guide! This is the place to learn about how to contribute to Lubuntu, the lightweight LXDE/LXQt flavor of Lubuntu.

Before you get started, we highly recommend you join and stay in our communication channels while you are contributing so if you have any questions (or if we have questions for you) we can easily communicate.

You can join our instant messaging channels (which are all bridged together to one) here:

You can join our developer mailing list, lubuntu-devel, here.

For more information on these platforms and for links to support channels, go to the Links page on

Do you have a specific contribution area in mind? Maybe you would be interested in...

  • testing Lubuntu to make sure it stays bug-free by helping us find, report, and triage bugs or testing new releases of Lubuntu as they come out.
  • helping Lubuntu fix bugs in our software.
  • translating Lubuntu so that people that speak your language can also use Lubuntu.
  • documenting Lubuntu so that people can easily find solutions to their problems.
  • crafting designs with Lubuntu's Artwork Team to keep Lubuntu looking beautiful.
  • spreading the word of Lubuntu through marketing and press.

If none of these sound interesting to you but you still want to give us a hand, feel free to reach out and we'll be happy to discuss options with you. 😄

Remember, no contribution is too small, and we'd love to help you find a place if you want to help out!

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