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Lubuntu Council Elections
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As outlined in the Lubuntu Constitution, the Lubuntu Council holds elections when a member becomes vacant or once a year when the entire Council expires. If it is because a member has become vacant, the newly elected member simply carries out the rest of the term.


The process is as follows:

  • Nomination/campaigning period:
    • Any Lubuntu Member can nominate themselves or another Lubuntu Member for a seat on the Lubuntu Council.
    • An election page will be created as a sub-page, that only Lubuntu Members can edit. In order to nominate someone for the Lubuntu Council, you must edit that wiki page with their name.
  • Voting process:
    • Using CIVS, all of the candidates will be voted on for a seat. Each Lubuntu Member will receive one vote, and whoever reaches a majority vote for the number of open seats will become a member of the Lubuntu Council.
      • There is no shortlisting; all nominated Lubuntu Members will be on the vote, and the update in staffing will be a direct reflection of the vote.

If there are no nominations within the given timeframe, the nomination period will be extended until there is. Additionally, if the "vote of no confidence" takes a spot in the ranking, the process starts over for that seat until a suitable candidate is found.

The Lubuntu Council can make modifications to this process as needed.


ReasonPageNomination Period Started (YYYYMMDD)Voting Process Started (YYYYMMDD)Chosen
Vacant position following Wendy Hill's resignationHere201910062019101320191020
First yearly electionHere201912052020010320200124
Second yearly electionHere202101222021021320210226
Third yearly electionHere202203042022031820220325
Fourth yearly electionHere202302192023022620230305
Vacant position following Aaron Rainbolt's resignationHere202306092023062320230630
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